The 10 Best Carriers and Bags for Dogs to Travel Cozily

best bags for dogs to travel

Heading for a trip to be accompanied by your little furry friend? Looking for the best bags for dogs to travel? You’re in the right place to check out the most incredible pet carrier and travel bag for pets. These pet carriers are the most convenient ones when you look to make adventure trips, visit the dog park, or take out your pet to the vet for a routine checkup. While rounding up the best suggestions for pet carriers and bags, there are few factors we’ve considered the most. Some of these factors are safety, comfort level, ease of access, ventilation, visibility, and so on. And of course, we’ve emphasized the pet owner reviews the most. Our recommendations here will nothing but impress you while traveling with your pet by air or road. So let’s have a look at these top-rated carriers and bags for dogs to travel in the coziest way.

List of 10 Best Carriers and Bags for Dogs

AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Hard-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

Amazonbasics pet kennel bags for dogs to travel

AmazonBasics 23-Inch Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel is the right travel bag or carrier for your pets. When you look into this Amazon Brand, you’ll know it’s much better than the traditional bags for dogs to travel along with you in your pleasure trips. This pet travel carrier makes sure you have the furry friend safely and conveniently transported.

Safer Trips

This AmazonBasics kennel helps you safely transport your adorable tabby or Yorkie from one place to another. It’s designed in a convenient way to provide safety, security, and comfort while traveling. Carry your pet with this 23’’ kennel in your trips to the hiking trails, dog park, or routing visit to the vet.

Construction Details

Its size dimension is 23’’ L x15’’ W x13’’ H. For easy loading, it has a convenient 2-door design. Its construction includes durable plastic powered by a steel-wire front door. There’s a spring-loaded latch that will provide a smooth opening. To make your little friend feel good it has ventilation on top, sides, and back of the crate. All in all, a strong, secure, visible, and cozy den for the little friend.

Smart Door Design

This pet kennel comes with an intelligent 2-door design; one at the front and one on the top. So you get twice as many scopes compared to other traditional kennels for getting your cute fluffy conveniently into the kennel or bringing out of it. This great attention to details that make it less stressful for both, you and your dog.

amazonbasics bags for dogs to travel

More Convenience

For more convenience, you can open the top door to the left or right. All you need to do is pull either of the black handles forward to release, then lift it and swing it to the side to open it. To gently swing open the door, pinch both the top & bottom levers of the latch together.

Enhanced Security Options

There are four latches to keep together the top & bottom of this carrier. If you want to ensure more security, you can have additional reinforcement by using the included screws to put the top & bottom together. The top handle of the kennel also makes it safer and easier to carry your friend.


What Customers Say

It’s a top-rated product and customers are happy with its sturdy construction, ventilation, smart door design, and so on. However, some people seem to be not satisfied with the top lid and feel it should’ve been sturdier and securer.

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Midwest Spree Travel Carrier | Hard-Sided Pet Carriers Ideal for Extra-Small Dogs, Cats & Other Small Animals

midwest spree travel carrier bags for dogs to travel

Spree Pet Carriers from Midwest can be another name to consider among the bags for dogs to travel conveniently. Especially, if you have a little puppy, you can expect it to be staying cozily wherever you are traveling. This pet carrier has some great features that are worth watching out for.

Perfect for Little Puppies

If you are looking to transport your puppy along with you, the MidWest Spree Travel Carrier can be the perfect choice for you. It provides ease of carrying, great ventilation, and smart door design to help your pet travel with you joyfully. So you can be more relaxed while making a trip to the vet, dog park, pet store, and so on.

Colorful & Easy to Clean

This travel carrier comes in two sizes with different colorful, fashionable, and fun appearances. So your furry friend would surely like it. It also provides ease of cleaning in case she has an accident in the middle. Simply spray or wipe it out with a wet cloth and pet-safe cleaner.

Smart Door Opening

The Spree Travel Carrier comes with four tabs on the door. And that gives you the versatility to choose the most convenient door for your puppy to open. Just turn the tabs on a single side and open the door in a direction that is more preferred to you.

midwest spree travel carrier features

Plastic Made Ventilated Door

It is made of durable plastic and designed in the most pleasant way for your pets. The plastic door has the right amount of cut-holes for ventilation and also to let your pet look at the world around them while you are going to the park, store, or a ride. They can also have enough space around them to move comfortably and enjoy the trip with you.

Built-in Carrying Handle

The carrying handle matters the most when it comes to pet carriers. The Spree’s built-in carrying handle is super convenient and you can expect it to never come loose. It’s smartly built right on the carrier top, making it convenient to pick and move.

Great Size & Easy to Assemble

This XS Pet Carrier has an interior size dimension of 20.70’’ L x 13.22’’ W x 14.09’’ H with a doorway measuring 8.54’’ W x 8.85’’ H. It’s a hard-sided plastic carrier that is easy to assemble. Simply follow 5 simple steps and you are done with its assembly without requiring any additional tools. The manufacturers also back their product’s quality with a 1-year warranty.


What Customers Say

This pet carrier is considered great for little puppies among customers. People like its smart design, doors, roomy space, and so on. However, there are some issues that people are not happy with such as its plastic construction or door design. So you can check this one out if your friend is too little to be okay with it.

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Carlson Pet Products Secure and Foldable Single Door Metal Dog Crate

Carlson bags for dogs to travel

The safety factor matters the most when it comes to the carriers or bags for dogs to travel with you. And that factor made us put the Carlson Single Door Metal Dog Crate on the list. It’s safe and also has some more amazing features to impress you as a pet carrier.

Roomy Space

The Carlson Pet Products Dog Crate has a size dimension of 24” L x 18” W x 19” H. It’s perfect for puppies and smaller breeds that are 16” tall, 22” long, and weighs up to 25 lbs. They can have enough space to move around and not feel like caged.

Secure Design

This crate is highly durable with all-steel making to call it a dog-tough den. and designed in a way to ensure maximum safety for your pet. It has a door at the front that is secured by the multi-point locking system. So being a pet owner you can have a stress free trip with your loving friend.

Removable & Washable Pan

It’s important to keep the environment neat, clean, and ensure maximum hygiene for your pet. This Carlson Dog Crate provides a black coated removable and washable pan. And that gives you the ease of cleaning and maintenance.

carlson dog crate foldable

Foldable & Portable

As this crate is meant to help you travel with your pet, it comes with the perfect affordability and portability. When folded, it becomes nearly flat. So you can have the ease of storage if you are planning to carry your pet at some point.

Quick Assembly

This Carlson crate takes seconds to get you over with its assembly. And you don’t need any additional tools for that as well. You can use it indoor and outdoor to keep the little toy breed ones or give them in-house training sessions.


What Customers Say

Lots of 5 stars speak for this crate. Customers find it stands out in the competition for its safe & sturdy construction, ease of maintenance, assembly, price, and so on. You can rely on it as people rarely find anything wrong with this product.

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MidWest iCrate Starter Kit

The Perfect Kit for Your New Dog Includes a Dog Crate, Dog Crate Cover, 2 Dog Bowls & Pet Bed | 1-Year Warranty on ALL Items

Midwest icrate bags for dogs to travel

Looking for more than just the simple bags for dogs to travel with you? Watch out for this MIdWest iCrate Starter Kit. This incredible dog crate is a great addition from the prominent brand MidWest. Its a package for your pet’s den that has almost everything you need to make a great trip for your dog.

Convenient Starter Kit

If you are new at parenting dogs, the MidWest Homes for Pets’ iCrate Double Door Kit can be the most convenient starter kit for you. You get almost everything in a single convenient box to create a cozy retreat for your pet. You won’t need to search for additional accessories and crates. so you can be saved on efforts, time, and money.

Double Door iCrate

Why not get an All-Inclusive Home Training System that is more than just carrying your pet. It is designed in a way to keep your dog safe, secure, and comfortable. This 2-door dog crate features a free divider panel that helps adjust the space as your puppy ages, a plastic pan that is leakproof, durable, and easy to clean, a sturdy and detachable carrying handle, and 4 roller feet rubber floor protectors. The slide-bolt door comes with latches to keep it safe and secure and provide you the peace of mind.

What the Kit Includes

In each of the MidWest iCrate Double Door Kit, you will get a fully equipped Double Door iCrate, a QuietTime Crate Cover, a QuietTime Fleece Crate Bed, and a couple of 10 Ounces Snap’y Fit Food & Water Bowls to affix the crate. That sounds a lot for a single kit, isn’t it?

midwest icrate full kit

Ideal for XS Dog Breeds

The iCrate comes with a size dimension of 22” L x 13” W x 16” H when assembled. That makes it ideal for the XS dog breeds w/ adult weighing up to 12 lbs.

Convenient Design

The fleece dog bed and polyester crate cover perfectly fit your dog crate. These are also machine washable and dryer friendly for the ease of cleaning and maintaining. The 2” Snap’y Fit bowls are conveniently designed to attach to the crate to keep the food and water in one place.

Easy to Assemble, Carry, and Store

The iCrate is easy to assemble and it takes seconds to get the job done without having to use any additional tools. Moreover, it folds flat for ease of portability and storage.


What Customers Say

It’s one of the most top-rated dog crates you can get on amazon. And the reason people like it so much is you get everything you need, especially when you look to travel having the pet aside. The features, quality, and price seem to be impressive not only for the owner but also for the pets as well.

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Henkelion Cat Carriers Dog Carrier Pet Carrier

for Small Medium Cats Dogs Puppies of 15 Lbs, TSA Airline Approved Small Dog Carrier Soft Sided, Collapsible Puppy Carrier – Black Grey Pink Purple Blue

Henkelion bags for dogs to travel

Getting the Airline-approved carrier bags for dogs to travel with you, is probably the most desired thing for a pet owner on their trips. Henkelion Dog Carrier is one such option that can bring a smile to your face as you can take your naughty furry friend on your vacations and other leisure trips. There are some more to this amazing pet carrier that we’ll be watching out below.

Airline Approved Pet Carrier

The Henkelion pet carrier comes with an airline-approved design. So you can conveniently carry your pet and fly wherever you want. It comes with two connecting loop handles that ensure the balance while carrying with the luggage strap or dual seat belt. So that you get a secured transport.

Designed for Safety

Henkelion pet carrier is designed to be the safest and most convenient carrier when it comes to traveling with your puppy or doggy. Its adjustable shoulder strap helps you with hands-free carrying while ensuring that no mishaps occur with your loving friend.

Durable, Waterproof Construction

This dog carrier includes a durable construction. It is made of lightweight, waterproof polyester fabric making it enduring enough to the harsh conditions. This four-sided mesh will make sure your pet gets a comfy and safe trip while also making it easy for you to check on her.

Henkelion bag features

Convenient Features

There are some more convenient features you can enjoy with Henkelion. Firstly, the 3-side breathable mesh entrances along with top and front entrances make it easy to get on/off for your pet. It also allows your furry friend to enjoy some fresh air and have a wide view of the world around. It also has a side pocket in the bag for dog stuff such as toys, treats, food, and other travel essentials. You can also carry it with ease as it features convenient padded shoulder strap & handles. To ensure more coziness to the little companion, you get a 3-layer mat that includes a woolen mat, a layer of foam, and a wooden board.

Great Safety Features

You can’t risk the safety of your all-important pet, and you don’t have to do that with the Henkelion pet carrier. It comes with deluxe zippers to ensure the maximum safety of the pet. The safety leash adds to the overall security measurements. For supporting more weight to keep the fluffy mate safe, you get the sturdy ABS hooks.

Spacious Carrier

This pet carrier is spacious enough to accommodate the small and medium pets that are15″ L x 9″ W x 9″ H and weighs up to15 lbs. Choose the right carrier size based on the length and height of your pet.

What Customers Say

People who have little pets, ones that want to fly around, loving this pet carrier. The reasons it’s been accepted so well are its cute, comfy, durable, convenient, safe, and airline compliant. Moreover, pet owners find this to be a favorite to their dog. It’s a great travel bag for dogs and cats to find around.

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Petmate Two Door Top Load

Petmate bags for dogs to travel

Petmade Two Door Top Load is another Amazon’s Choice pet crate that deserves to be considered among the bags for dogs to travel. This airline approved pet carrier ensures your little puppy flies with you. You have more of its features to explore below.

Spacious Top-Load Pet Crate

This small dog pet crate has a steel top-load entry, so you can easily access the place and remove your pet. The kennel has an interior size dimension of 21” L x 14.5” W x 13.5” H, ideal for dog breeds between 10-20 lbs and measures around 19”. Your fur baby of this size range will feel a cozy, comfy, and safe stay in this amazing kennel to have a relaxing time and sound sleep.

Travel Compliant

Your furry buddy would love this pet carrier while traveling with you. This industry-leading plastic kennel is fully compliant with most airlines and highway travel specifications. To make the transport even more comfortable, it comes with a durable structure and convenient features.

Convenient Features

Some amazing features make it more convenient for both the pet and pet parent. Its ergonomic, comfortable grip handle can help you to carry conveniently. To keep your pet visible and ensure the ventilation, it comes with vented sides and grated steel doors.

petmate pet carrier

Safety Features

The Petmate pet carrier comes with solid safety features. Its durable steel door and easy-squeeze latch make it a secure kennel or carrier. Its top and bottom fasten safely with the wingnut & bolt design.

Industry-Leading Brand

Petmate has been there for more than 50 years serving the pet owners to take care of their furry friends better. You can easily rely on them for the pet travel carrier or some other accessories like wire training, exercise kennels, barn-style dog house, playpens, and more.


What Customers Say

Regarding customer responses, we say mostly positive reviews for this amazing pet carrier, especially if you want your little dogs to travel with you. Its convenient design, sturdy construction, top-loading, secure door are some of the impressive features. However, a few people seem to be unhappy with the holes that they think are rugged and sharp to create discomfort for the pet.

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AmazonBasics Folding Soft Dog Crate

amazonbasics folding soft dog crate bags for dogs to travel

Heading for a hangout with your loving fur friend? Checking out on the best bags for dogs to travel? You’ve landed in the right option as the AmazonBasics Folding Soft Dog Crate is one of the best ones out there. We’ll have a look at its features that will provide ultimate convenience and comfort for you and your pet.

Great Ventilation

It has two doors that are located on the top and front. The top door along with 3 side windows have a black mesh-fabric. The meshed door and sides provide important ventilation and allow your pet to have a wider view of the world outside. This also allows you to have a peek inside and stay stress-free as a pet owner.

Durable & Comfortable Design

This pet carrier includes a durable and comfortable design. The PVC frame of the carrier is strong and lightweight to maintain its overall shape. Its beige-colored durable polyester fabric covers its top, bottom, and sides. This fabric is softer and convenient to curl up against, unlike the hard-sided crates. Plus, the rounded corners are safe for the floor and interior of the car to keep it from the unwanted scratches and nicks You can add a dog bed to enhance the comfort level for your pet.

Folding, Soft-Sided & Spacious

This AmazonBasics Dog Crate is a foldable soft-sided carrier measuring 30.1”’ L x 21.3” W x 21.3” H. It is designed to create the most welcoming den-like environment for your pet. This can accommodate the medium size dogs up to 42 lbs approx. such as Boxer, Beagle, Bulldog, Terrier, or Shetland Sheepdog, or Terrier.

amazonbasics folding soft crate

Secure Zipper Closure

The zippered closure of the crate’s three sides and front door ensures secure and reliable containment. Its fastening straps position the rolled-up unzipped doors clearly out of the way. So it stays more organized. It also allows the puppy to get in and out of it freely.

Easy to Setup, Store, & Move

You can set up this AmazonBasics pet carrier in seconds without requiring any tools. Also, it can be folded flat to store in a compact space-saving manner. That also makes this dog crate portable to let you take it for crate training and also use it to let your pet rest in any outdoor activity.


What Customers Say

This pet carrier has Amazon to back it and people seem to be showing great responses for it. Its design, quality, portability, ventilation, ease of assembly are impressive and people find it worth the money.

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Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier

sherpa pet carrier bags for dogs to travel

Let’s take a look at another airline-approved pet carrier, Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier. It’s an Amazon’s Choice pet carrier that is one of the best bags for dogs to travel on the highway or air. Watch out for its features and find out carrying your pet on your trips could never be so easy!

Comfy & Stylish Carrier

You don’t need to compromise with the comfort and style with your pet carrier on your adventure trips anymore. It features a patented spring wire frame that allows you to push down its rear end a few inches to conform to the under-seat specifications.

Convenient Features

Sherpa Pet Carrier features mesh windows to provide proper ventilation for your furry friend. It comes with top and side entries with zipper closures to ensure the safety of your pet. To make it more convenient to carry, you’ll get a padded adjustable anti-slip carrying strap, a seat luggage strap, and a machine-washable faux lambskin liner.

sherpa pet carrier features

Storage Pocket

It’s not only about carrying your dear puppy but also to take the essentials your furry friend would need. For that, you have its rear pocket to conveniently store treats, leash, or any such accessory.

Travel Compliant

Sherpa is fully travel compliant that makes it approved to use on most of the airline. And you can check this out in Sherpa’s Guaranteed on Board program. So you can rely on it to have a safe and comfy trip for your pet. This carrier can accommodate pets up to 18″ L x 11″ H and weighs up to 22 lbs.


What Customers Say

It’s an incredible pet carrier that is highly appreciated by several customers. Its convenient features show why it deserves to be among the Amazon’s Choice for pet carriers.

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X-ZONE PET Airline Approved Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier for Dogs and Cats

x zone pet carriers bags for dogs to travel

Moving to another amazon’s choice and airline approved pet carrier and we can’t miss out on this here. The X-ZONE PET Airline Approved Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier is an incredible carrier that comes packed with features that deserve your consideration. Let’s take a look at why we consider this to be one of the best bags for dogs to travel.

Ideal Size

You can get the X-ZONE pet carrier in medium and large size based on the size of your pet. The medium carrier has a size dimension of 17.5″ L x 11″W x 11″H and can accommodate pets up to 16 lbs. The larger one has a measurement of 19.5″ L x 12″ W x 12″ H and is great to accommodate pets weighing up to 20 lbs. So it should be ideal as a temporary home for your pet and Its size also meets the under-seat specifications of most of the airlines.

Heavy-Duty Pet Carrier

This pet carrier includes a heavy-duty construction with durable Oxford Fabric & Mesh. So it can effectively inhibit the tear from claws. The frame is also sturdy as the top is made of steel and wouldn’t collapse. At the bottom, it has a removable base insert to create a solid surface for the pet to have better stability. It also features auto-lock zipper sliders along with a tether to prevent your pet from escaping.

x zone pet carriers features

Convenient Entrances

The X-Zone travel carrier includes a meshed side entrance and a top entrance. These entrances are easy to access and unzipping the top entrance will allow your pet to poke the head out. The mesh ventilation on the entrances provides an adequate flow of air. It also ensures that your pet can have a wider view outside and you can also have a check on it occasionally.

Comfy For You & The Pet

To make it comfy for your pet to have a stay, you will get a Removable Fleece Travel Bed constructed by cozy fleece & long-lasting oxford fabric. And for your comfort, while carrying your fur friend, you will have convenient carrying handles, smartly designed adjustable shoulder strap that can be used as a seatbelt, and a back strap that can help you fasten the carrier to the luggage.


What Customers Say

Lots of 5 stars, lots of appraisals, and all of these show how happy the customers are. This undoubtedly seems to be one of the best bags for dogs to travel by air or on the highways.

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Pet Union Pet Carrier

for Small Dogs, Cats, Puppies, Kittens, Pets, Collapsible, Travel Friendly, Cozy and Soft Dog Bed, Carry Your Pet with You Safely and Comfortably

pet union pet carrier bags for dogs to travel main

We have another peoples’ favorite pet carrier on the list. It’s the Pet Union Pet Carrier that’s winning the hearts of many as a travel carrier for puppies and kittens. We’ll be looking at its features here and see how amazing it could be to you and your little friend.

Comfortable Stay

The Pet Union pet carrier gives you the peace of mind making out a trip with your pet. It keeps the pet safe while providing a comfy den-like surrounding. It comes with a plush fur bed to let your furry little one relax and sleep comfortably. The small dogs and cats can find great accommodation with this carrier.

Ventilated Mesh Windows

One reason you are gonna love this pet carrier is its mesh windows. It features ventilated mesh windows to help your furry friend to get better air circulation. Also, helping to stay as they know they can see what’s around them.

pet union pet carrier bags for dogs to travel

Convenient to carrying & Store

This carrier is also designed with adjustable shoulder straps and durable carrying handles so you can carry your pet with ease and stability. When not in use, the collapsible design makes it easy to store in your closet or car.

Available in Two Sizes

The Pet Union travel carrier is mostly suited to the little puppies and kittens. You can get them in two sizes to create a perfect fit for them: Its smaller version comes with a size dimension of 16.9″ x 8.3″ x 11″, making it suitable for pets weighing up to 10 lbs. Whereas the larger one measures 20″ x 10″ x 13.8″  and is suitable for pets weighing up to 13 lbs.

Safe & Durable

This carrier is made of durable nylon material. It also includes reinforced seam construction making it perfectly safe and durable. With this travel carrier, you can stay stress-free knowing that the pet is well protected inside.

Comfy Removable Bed

It’s not about caging rather making a safe and comfy den for your pet. And that’s done by its soft furry bed that allows your pet to relax until it reaches the destination.

What Customers Say

While checking out its customer reviews, you would find some incredible responses for this pet carrier. The design, durability, convenient features, and the amazing price tag makes it one of the best bags for dogs to travel around. And is definitely worth the price.

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While reviewing the best carriers and bags for dogs to travel, we came up with some amazing recommendations. And we know it would be a hard job for you to choose one. There are multiple options on the list that are equally good. The pet carriers from AmazonBaiscs, Midwest, Petmate, Sharpa, X-Zone are some of the top ones to make your pick from. You can narrow the list if you’re looking for travel bags approved by airlines. You can also pick the best travel bag for dogs from the list if you’ve little puppy to take around, or looking for the best travel bag for dogs or cats who are smaller in size. This list has pet carriers that cover almost every aspect you can look for. We hope this article will help you to choose the best travel bag for pets and let your four-legged friend have the coziest trip ever!

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