Samsonite Winfield 2 Luggage Review 2020

Samsonite Winfield 2 Luggage

So we guess now it’s time you want something more than just a single suitcase, something that is great with its features and also that comes in a complete suitcase set to cover all your base. Being a frequent vacationer and who loves to travel with the FnFs, you need a set of cases to bring all those belongings. Your options surround the Hardcase options as you can neither take chance with the security nor the durability. The hardshell case also ensures that you do not get those cracks, bumps, or scrapes on your suitcase for its excellent polycarbonate construction and this also keeps it lightweight despite being Hardcase.

Locking System That Makes It Truly Secure

The very first thing you would expect in the Samsonite suitcases is to have a reliable locking system. It’s not something that you can break with your bare hands rather it comes with a combination lock that is easy to use as well. While locking the Winfield 2 suitcase you need to close the zipper and then put the zipper pulls into the right slots and engage the lock with your combination key. While its unlocking is even easier as you just have to enter the combination and it will pop open for you. In the airport, the authority can use their universal key to open it without really bothering you.

Samsonite Winfield 2 Luggage

Samsonite Winfield 2 Luggage

samsonite winfield 2 review

How About Such A Great Lock With Even A Better Look

If you’re the one who is attracted to some elegant looks then this might suit your taste perfectly. The color is not something flashy but comes with a  cool and smart look. We say it smart because they have that bushed colored-steel design which can keep your case look like a new one ever and ever again. Getting scratched is a common thing for Hardcase luggage but this pattern is incorporated with brush strokes in a manner that the scratches get blended making it the way it is. So no matter how roughly it is treated it can withstand to all catastrophes for its durable nature and smart design pattern.

Ready To Be Treated Roughly

We can go further about the fact that how responsive it is to take some beatings. This feature could probably the reason people tend to shift from the soft-case luggage to the hard case ones. However, the old plastic made Hardcase ones did no good as they were also vulnerable to scratches and cracks. In this case, the polycarbonate material used in its constructions is very much capable of withstanding significant bangs and bumps without getting broken. It will rather bend and bounce back to the original position.

samsonite winfield 2 set

Get Everything In

It comes with the most efficient storage system you can get around, providing you with the way to organize your stuff in two different segments such as putting clothes in one and shoes in other or cleaner clothes in one and dirtier ones in the other. Just the way you want.

Great Zipper Pockets

The zippered divider that divides these sides are even more helpful. Most importantly it comes with multiple zipper pockets and pouches allowing you to store your little pieces of stuff like notebooks, wallets, passports, toiletries, cell phones or anything else. You just can not lose items in the bottom as no more rooting is there.

Get Impressed With This Amazing Set

We do not see any reason for you to not get impressed by this amazing set of cases. Samsonite Winfield 2 set come in a set of 3 and the sizes these darlings come are -the small 20-inch carry-on size, the medium 24-inch size, and the larger one with 28-inch. You can have them as a set of three or get them individually but either case you are going to love them as your best friend that can make your trip even more amazing.

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Our Opinion

For a set, we surely recommend it as the best travel luggage set. With these amazing features and great 30-degree swivel wheels, you can just move along with sheer excellence.

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