Samsonite Omni PC Review 2020

Samsonite Omni PC

Well, Samsonite is all over our list and it deserves to do so. Samsonite Omni PC is another great case that you cannot stop loving during your trips. There are lots of reasons you could love it as they hit some of the main qualifiers a traveler could think of.

In Love With Polycarbonate – Durable Yet Lightweight, Wow!

First things first, we will be talking about its construction. And yes it’s that polycarbonate material again. Because this can be the best one you can get for a sturdy yet lightweight case. Isn’t that something you want for your regular trips? This construction makes it up for the cracks or bumps that can come due to rough treatment. Even it is unlike those plastic hardshell ones that get broken down. It is bendable and bounces right back in case of any serious collision. Another benefit of having such material is you do not have to be worried about the weight restriction as it is a light one. Which allows you to carry heavier things with ease.

Samsonite Omni PC

Samsonite Omni PC

Tamper-Resistant Lock – Sounds Great And It Truly Is

The next adorable feature that makes it one of the best travel luggage is its locking system which is a super reliable one. It breaks the norm of losing things while traveling and especially airport checking. It is so damn good to keep your belongings safeguarded. Since the locking system has been introduced in travel bags it has been adored by so many people and this case from Samsonite is such one that is being accepted widely for its secure locking system. It comes with that tamper-resistant lock that can take a professional thief quite some time to break in. It comes with a special locking mechanism that is available on each side. You just have to pull the ends of the zipper-pulls into the lock and you’re done. You will see something going through the zipper pull holes and that makes it closed. Unlocking is even easier as you do not need any key as it is a combination lock. However, airport security officials can put the universal key into keyholes without just bothering you to make things easier for you.

The Interior Pocket Is Awesome – The Whole Interior Architecture Is

Now we’ve come to the most important thing that you buy a case for, it’s about the interior organization especially the pockets of this case. Well, this interior pocket is just awesome which is almost half of the entire case. In the bottom portion, it has a convenient clip-strap to hold your stuff in places like other prominent suitcases and one the top (inside of the lid) it has one full mesh going across with a strong zipper to close. You can separately organize your clean clothes from the dirtier ones and the shoes. With the mesh section, things can have at least some air circulation even inside a closed bag.

Expand Happiness

Do you feel that space is just not enough for bringing some extra stuff? Relax, it expands the range of your happiness with its expandable nature. Now expand it and put more stuff inside. You can use most of this hardshell case.

Choose From That Wide Variety Of Options

It comes with some great colors as well for making it look beautiful. It does come in a set although they offer you to go solo or buy two instead of all 3. You have the sizes available from the carry-on to the larger one. They do not just seem to run out of options.

Our Opinion

It is durable, adorable, expandable, reliable, and we can go on and on. So aren’t these enough to put it on the best travel luggage list? So grab one quickly if you are looking for the best bag for travel & tour.

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