Samsonite Hyperspace Luggage Review 2020

Samsonite Luggage Hyperspace Suitcase

One of the most premium users for travel bags is mostly professional travelers who travel for different business purposes. To suit a purpose like this you need something refined and business-like quality. When you arrive at a premium hotel it should match that standard. This Samsonite Hyperspace Luggage is purely designed with a style that matches your tycoon look. However, not only the professionals, every traveler aspires for such a look or at least something that can replicate for it being one of the best travel luggage we have on our list.

A Truly Hyperspace Tavel Look

The best thing about this Samsonite Hyperspace Luggage case is its look. It comes with a simple color yet they look super elegant. And to boost its sheer class you have that streamlined exterior.

Great Price

Well, for a case like this one you don’t mind to pay a little more. But they are not remarkably expensive as well. It usually costs around $130 for the 21-inch carry-on and $150 for the checked luggage size and around $200 for the largest 29-inch version.

Stability Sets It Apart

You won’t want luggage that helps you maintain your coolest postures and it does provide you the stability to match those postures while walking with its upright handle. The base of the case is wider than its top making it an incredibly stable one.

Not A Bad Option To Get A 8-Wheeled Luggage

And it’s the 8-wheeled luggage option that we have for you. You can move it in any direction you want. The wheels are super smooth that makes your journey incredible. These wheels also add an extra level of stability to it as they provide more space for it to stand on. It allows you to be relaxed about the fact that it will not fall over even if you leave your hand from it.

Sizes – Choose From The Variety Of Options

Samsonite Hyperspace Luggage probably comes with the widest range of options in terms of style and sizes. Along with three distinct size spinners, you can get a smaller case as well. Even they have the duffel size available. So versatility at its best for this hyperspace suitcase.

Exterior Design – Best In The Business

Talking about the exterior fabric, it comes with nylon exterior and the honeycomb type frame surely provides the sturdiness you want yet not so hard exterior/

You get the whole range of sedated color options to match your style starting from black and grey to maroon, green and blue.

How Good It Can Be To Have A Removable Bag

It also comes with some extremely loveable options like the removable bag that it has to offer. You can attach it with the interior or use it separately as a carry-on. It’s like having a cool free bag with it. It is big enough for you to carry all the possible stuff you generally need on your business trips.

Remember –

21.5-inch carry on size may be slightly bigger to fit in the overhead storage. as you can see it may just miss the mark with the slight 0.5-inch. However, this will surely come out as the best if you prefer to have the big version suitcase.

For such a well-built case you want everything to match that quality. However, the inside strap of the case is not that strong as it is supposed to be.

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Our Opinion

So most of the things about this Samsonite Hyperspace Luggage case should amaze you whether it is added stability of the wheels or the tapered body or those extremely flexible options. Whenever you need a case for your professional tour whether you travel by air or by road, this bigger and the best travel luggage can suit all your needs. You may also find one with an upgraded model soon.

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