Samsonite Aspire Xlite Luggage Reviews 2020

Samsonite Aspire-Xlite

Almost in all luggage reviews, Samsonite holds the top positions on the best travel luggage solution. We guess you are serious about traveling and want things to get organized and disciplined in your tours. This is the reason why we’ve come up with a solution that will let you carry your organization with you and who can do it better than the ever aspiring travel luggage manufacturer brand Samsonite.  Their Aspire-Xlite certainly aims for you to aspire big. This case comes with an extremely organized architecture that cannot allow you to be chaotic.

Multiple Pocket Options Serving Multiple Purpose

Talking about its interior design, the multiple pocket organization surely makes it the repository for your belongings. You get pockets starting from the large mesh pocket to the little ones in and out of the case which allows you to easily organize your little stuff like the shampoo, or the lenses, or any daily styling product. About the large pockets, you have the slightly smaller one on the top to put things like your wallet or passport and the large bottom one to shove even your pair of shoes.  The front section is expandable if you just don’t find the space enough. One of its pockets is plastic and waterproof which adds a big plus to it.

Extremely Impressive Wheels

Another impressive thing that you will found about this case is that it can be spun in any direction for its four 360-degree swivel wheels. You can carry it however you want, just push it through in front of you or pull it from behind. This might be harder for you to do with two-wheeled cases.

Samsonite Aspire-Xlite

Samsonite Aspire-Xlite

Samsonite Aspire-Xlite

Different Size Options According To Your Need

We do suggest you for the 25-inch taller suitcase but samsonite understands your demand well, that’s why they have their carry on size case of 21-inch and also the taller 29-inch option. With the diverse options, you cannot just look for something else.

However, it has few setbacks which can be overlooked considering its so many benefits. One such fact that misses the mark is it does not come with a locking system and the other is you may not find it as expandable as it should be like its interior part is not expandable.

The Locking System Could Be A Matter Of Worry

The Lack of a locking system is a real drawback for this Samsonite case. However, all your trips do not demand a locking system that can bother you.

Expandable Not Up To Expectations

You may not find it as much expandable as you expect it to be, like the front section of the case is expandable but not the interior part.

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Our Opinion

We feel it be one of the best travel luggage available in the suitcase category. This probably is the best you can get for your quick getaways like spending a vacation in your relatives’ house or stay with your in-laws for a couple of days. With so many good features and a wide variety of options, it deserves to be on the top of your list.

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