The Raden – The iPhone Of Smart Luggage Brands

The Raden The iPhone Of Smart Luggage Brands

The Raden range of smart luggage is often described as the iPhone of innovative luggage brands. The Raden A-series boasts two unique suitcase sizes; the A22 and the A28. The A22 is a 22” Carryon Size, while the A28 is a 28” Check Size. Both luggage sizes feature a fantastic combination of exotic design and innovative technology to deliver intelligent travel luggage that ultimately enhances your travel lifestyle. Made with durable, high-tensile, polycarbonate material, the Raden smart luggage is fashionable and robust. It features brilliantly engineered silent spinner wheels that glide over all terrains. The Raden smart luggage series also comes with waterproof sealing, so they are in all weather conditions. In addition, aIn addition, a reversed zipper lining, and an integrated TSA-friendly lock provide adequate and convenient security.

The Raden A22 and A28 smart luggage also come fully loaded with various technological features that make travel a wonderful experience. There is a dedicated Native Raden App compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, as well as a battery that provides 7800mah of portable power to charge your devices via multiple USB charging ports on the body of the suitcase. There is also an automatic weight sensing feature that tells you the weight of the contents of your luggage, as well as the ability to monitor your luggage via BLE, enabled location tracking. Overall, the smart luggage from Raden is perfectly engineered and designed to make traveling a wonderful experience.

The Raden - The iPhone of smart luggage brands

Unique Features:


The Raden smart carry-on and the Raden smart check-size luggage are stylishly designed with lightweight yet durable polycarbonate material. The outer shell is glossy and available in many beautiful colors.

It features a minimalist design with waterproof zipper closure and Japanese-designed silent spinner wheels that provide smooth motion. In addition, the ergonomic handle comes with self-weighing capability.


Bluetooth Enabled tracking allows you to monitor the location of your smart luggage within 30 feet of you. There is also an additional crowd GPS functionality that allows you to use the tracking capabilities of other Raden-savvy luggage users in the vicinity to track your luggage when it is more than 30 feet from you.

There is also an integrated TSA lock with a combination attached to the zipper lock, thus preventing unauthorized access to your bag.

Travel Support

The Raden smart carry-on and check-size luggage come with a weight-sensing handle that allows you to monitor the weight of your luggage as you’re loading it up. Never have to pay fees at the airport on account of overweight luggage with this handy feature.

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There is an onboard 7800 mAh power bank with two USB ports to charge your phones and laptops.


Raden offers two unique selections in its A-series smart luggage selection; the A22 Carryon and the A28 Check Size.

The A22 Carryon measures 9 x 14 x 22 inches and weighs 5.6lbs

The A28 Check Size measures 14 x 21 x 28 inches and weighs 19.8lbs


Waterproof Zipper Closure

This provides all-weather protection for your valuables. It’s one of the features that set Raden apart from the competition. The contents of your luggage are safe from water damage. In addition, the fact that the Zipper is waterproof provides 100 percent moisture damage protection.

Silent Spinner Wheels

Raden always utilizes technology worldwide to make their suitcases one of the best intelligent luggage brands on the market. Japanese-designed silent spinner wheels provide smooth and seamless motion. The wheels glide over all terrain like a skater on, ice-making maneuvering very easy. While in action, it doesn’t make any squeaks or squeaks.

Weight-Sensing Handle

No need to place your suitcase on the kitchen scale to know the weight of the contents as the Raden smart luggage comes with a weigh-sensing handle. Just lift the handle all you’ll see the importance of the contents. This saves you from being charged fees at the airport for overweight luggage.


Limited Location Tracking

Raden advertises Bluetooth Enabled Tracking (BLE) for their smart suitcase, but the range and functionality of this tracking are both limited and complicated. The tracker is only good if your suitcase is within 30 feet of you. Any further, and you’ll have to rely on something called “crowd GPS,” which is predicated on the availability of other Raden-savvy luggage users in the vicinity. This is a significant letdown when considering other brands that offer GPS-based tracking.

Limited Warranty

For suitcases that cost $295 and $395, respectively, a 5-year warranty is simply insufficient, especially considering that other innovative luggage brands offer a 10-year warranty. Some even offer a lifetime warranty, which isn’t as pricey as Raden.

Prone to Dents and Scratches

Raden uses lightweight Makrolon polycarbonate material, which is easily scuffed and scraped. Just one trip will leave your suitcase looking like it’s through a war of attrition. Considering that Raden smart luggage options offer some of the most stylish colors, the fact that it is prone to dents, marks, scuffs, and scratches is a colossal letdown.

The Raden - The iPhone of smart luggage brands

User Reviews:

I love the new Raden A22 that I just got from Target. It is truly the iPhone of suitcases. It is so easy to maneuver, the wheels turn nicely, and the motion is swift and smooth. I especially like the 2 USB charging ports. The closeness to the handle is perfect. I was the apparent envy of my fellow flyers waiting at the lounge when they saw my tech suitcase. I like the self-weighing feature; it is a convenient feature in the briefcase. The only drawback for me was the blue blinking light. It is a bit of a nuisance, especially at night. It would be nice if there were a way to turn it off. I tried, but I couldn’t see a way to do it. Other than that, the Raden A22 is simply ace!

I’ve had the A22 for a while now, but last month I had to visit many European cities in a short time, so I got the A28. It has much room, as you’d expect for a check-size bag. The electronic features are very cool, especially the self-weighing thing. It is easy to move to the airport. It did get a bit scratched up after the trip, but most of the scuff marks came off relatively quickly. I recommend it to everyone.

I have used many suitcases over the years, but this one from the guys at Raden is by far the best. I was initially a bit reluctant to get on the intelligent suitcase train, but I’m sure glad I did. The movement of the wheels on the A22 is so smooth; it’s almost as if you’re gliding through the airport. I’ve noticed that this smooth motion is not dependent on the surface of the floor; the wheels move well on every terrain I’ve tried them on. Also, having the ability to charge my devices during flights is incredible. No more arriving at the airport with dead batteries. It can be very frustrating, especially in an unfamiliar airport. The only negative thing I can say is that it scratches easily. Maybe they can make the material sturdier? I don’t know how that will affect the weight, though, because I like that it is a lightweight suitcase. I’m planning on getting the A28 check bag for my next international trip to Caracas. Hopefully, it’ll just be as unique as the 22 carry-ons.

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I hardly ever use check-size bags, even on International trips. I’m a light traveler. A friend recommended the Raden A22 to me, so I got it. It’s a very great suitcase, I must say. It’s very lightweight, and the design is sleek. All the tech features work which is a big plus as far as smart luggage goes. The App is straightforward to use. The interface is simple, and the theme is quite lovely and calming. I hope they never change it. One thing I didn’t like, though, was the lack of room in it. I’m not a heavy traveler, but I had difficulty getting all my little stuff inside the suitcase. The battery takes up too much space. It’ll be awesome if they can increase the capacity a bit. I don’t want to go for the check size as it will be too much for me.

I got the Raden Check bag for my husband as a birthday gift. He traveled with it recently and only had good things to say. It did come back a bit scratched, but we followed the instructions to use a nonabrasive reagent, and the scratches came off rather nicely. It looks almost new. My husband was particularly pleased with the weighing feature. He has always had to pay overweight baggage fees at the airport, but not this last time; his baggage weight was spot-on.

Why You Should Get It:

The Raden smart luggage series is designed for people with a high sense of taste and value for stylish products without compromising quality and functionality. The Raden smart carry-on luggage and its counterpart check-size suitcase are elegantly designed with high-grade polycarbonate material, and the finish is glossy and exquisite. It is available in various colors, something you won’t find with most smart luggage brands that only offer two or three colors. The glossy finish comes in black, gold, bronze, silver, and many other colors. The Raden smart luggage series has a truly minimalist appeal with technological features that work.

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