Planet Traveler – The most fashionable and smart luggage brands

Planet Traveler The most fashionable and smart luggage brands

Before you go:

This Planet Traveler, the new fashionable and intelligent luggage brand, has one awful review on amazon, and we should clarify that before you read the full report. The customer reviewed 1 out of 5 with the below comment:

“Because the battery power it, wires are connected inside the case. It is visible at the airport x-ray scanners and makes airport security go crazy. Most of the time, they will pull you to one side and check the case more. The charging port cover on top of the case looks cheap and is about to open itself at any minute. I’m one of the first backers of this project. When I ordered 2 x Stealth Black cases, waited for two years, and received a 1x Polished black case. I am still determining how many emails I have sent them since then, but all have been ignored! Terrible customer support if you have to contact them for any reason.”

We could explain all of these:

The X-ray issue:

If this is the case, then most smart luggage brands bag will face a similar problem. All Brands use the same technology. 

Cheap parts:

We respect his opinion of a cheap charging port cover on top of the case. But the fact is, it is still durable, and most of the luggage does not even have such protection on top of the evidence of the charging port.

Bad Customer Service: EBags have sold the bag on

They have 94% positive in the last 12 months (15847 ratings). And in the bad reviews (the rare ones), it never talks about lousy customer service. 

So our main point is the review you saw right now is probably a scam or some cynical marketing, nothing more than that. Please read the full report below; I hope it will be helpful.

Planet Traveler is arguably the most fashionable, innovative luggage brand available. It features a sleek and elegant design with top-of-the-line tech features genuinely worthy of its status as one of the best smart luggage carry-on brands. It expertly balances style and functionality while being fully loaded with cutting-edge technology. The Planet traveler luggage bags are engineered to offer you premium travel companionship.

smart luggage brands

Unique Features:


The intelligent Traveller Planet luggage is made with 100% polycarbonate material. As a result, it is lightweight and durable. Though lightweight, it is also challenging and made with sturdy fabrication; thus, it can handle the rough and tumble.

It features a contemporary design with compression straps and claps that are easy to use, keeping your belongings secure. It also features an ergonomic handle and a fully zippered panel, which provides easy compartmentalization of your belongings.

Perfectly aligned Glide-Tech dual wheels allow for multidirectional 360 degrees of freedom for smooth and stable movement. As a result, you can take turns at the airport without much difficulty.


There is a built-in Global Tracker onboard the smart luggage from Planet Traveler. With the Global Tracker application installed on your phone, you can track the location of your device at all times. Moreover, this global GPS tracking comes at no extra subscription cost.

The Smart Luggage from Planet Traveler also comes with a Proximity Sensor; this provides Anti-Theft functionality, so you need to wait at the crowded carousel anxiously looking out for your bag. With this revolutionary feature, you receive a text message on your phone when your luggage arrives at the carousel. The proximity sensor enables you to locate your luggage and keep track of its location within the immediate environment. In addition, you can arm your luggage using the Anti-Theft feature and be alerted when your luggage is more than 12 meters from you, either by text message or a preconfigured alarm, depending on your security settings.

The Planet Traveler range of intelligent luggage bags also features a TSA-compliant digital biometric locking mechanism. As a result, you are locking and unlocking the luggage with just your fingerprint; this is especially useful during TSA inspection of the contents of your luggage. There is also a backup to the onboard biometric scanner on the Planet Traveler app.

Travel Support

Digital scale integrated into the wheels helps self-weigh the luggage contents. No need to lift the case or placing on a kitchen scale to determine the weight. The digital self-weighting feature monitors the pressure in real time—a valuable part of avoiding extra travel fees due to breaches of luggage weight restrictions.

There is also a personal concierge feature that you can control using the Planet Traveler App (available on both iOS and Android platforms) on your phone. This virtual concierge lets you check your flight arrival and departure times, order car rental services, and make hotel reservations.


The intelligent space case luggage from Planet Traveler is the World’s First Virtual Warranty. All claims are handled through the Planet Traveler app. With the 10-year cloud protection warranty, you never have to worry about being placed on hold or endless trips to the repair shop. Instead, take a picture of the damaged part with the app. The image is automatically submitted to the claim center, and within 24 hours, the replacement part will be shipped to you, regardless of your location worldwide.

There is also a one-year warranty for all electronic components of the smart luggage.


There is an onboard Power Bank component on the smart luggage. It can charge your phone seven times or more with 12,000 mAh of power. It also features 3 USB charging ports, two external and 1 in the front pocket. So set your devices while waiting in the lounge or on long trips.

It also features a Bluetooth speakerphone. So you can work on your computer while talking with friends at the airport or hotel room and even listen to your favorite songs with a high-quality speaker system.

Dimensions of this innovative luggage brands

Planet Traveler offers three unique innovative luggage bag brand options; the 19″, the 23″, and the 28″.

The 19″ measures 9 x 22 x 15 inches and weighs 6.8lbs.

The 23″ measures 10.5 x 26 x 18 inches and weighs 8.9lbs.

The 28″ measures 11.5 x 30 x 20.5 inches and weighs 11.2lbs.

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Digital Self-Weighting Scale

The smart carry-on luggage and the intelligent travel luggage brands (especially from Planet Traveler) have a digital self-weighting scale. You do not need to lift the bag or place it on kitchen scales to know the weight of the luggage. The luggage case has a numeric scale where you can directly read the weight measurement. It’s a convenient feature, especially for travelers who tend to pack a lot. Never have to worry about paying additional airline charges for overweight luggage. You can keep your luggage within the recommended range with this convenient feature.

Glide Tech Wheel

The intelligent luggage from Planet Traveler comes with relatively large and stable wheels. These allow for smooth movement. You can glide the luggage over uneven terrain quite easily. The wheels are also aligned, so you can turn in any direction without much effort.

GPS Tracker

Planet Traveler offers truly unique smart luggage with GPS. The onboard GPS tracker in the Planet Traveler smart luggage allows you to track your luggage anywhere in the world. With the Planet Traveler Global Tracker App installed on your phone, you can follow your case. So say goodbye to stolen or missing luggage. You don’t have to keep your eye peeled on the carousel any longer. Just wait in the lounge while your case goes down the conveyor belt and track it.

Robust security functionality

The GPS Tracker and the Proximity Sensor/Anti-Theft protection offer robust security options for your luggage. With the GPS Tracker, you can track your luggage worldwide without any added subscription fee. The Proximity Sensor uses Bluetooth technology to monitor your phone’s location and alert you when your luggage is more than 12 meters away. With these two brilliant features, you can handle missing or stolen luggage. No more anxiously waiting at the carousel for your luggage or those tedious complaint forms at the airline to report missing luggage.

Hassle-free warranty protection

A virtual warranty service handles claims from the app—a 10-year cloud protection service that allows you to hassle-free replace defective parts of your luggage. Just use the app to take a picture of the wrong position, which is automatically uploaded to the Planet Traveler claims center. Then, no matter your location, They will ship a replacement. A 1-year warranty covers all the electronic components on the luggage.

Multi-Functional Product App

The companion Planet Traveler app is multi-functional, offering easy access to all the features of intelligent luggage brands. Regarding support apps, the Planet Traveler app is top-of-the-line. It is compatible with both the iOS and Android operating systems. All the support features of the luggage system load on the app. So you can access the digital scale reading, other fingerprint scanners, GPS tracker, proximity sensor, and the Planet Traveler claims center right from the comfort of your smartphone.

Why You Should Get It

With a full suite of unique features, the new luggage from Planet Traveler removes all the innovative luggage brands related to hassle, giving you a much more enjoyable travel experience. With its built-in weight scale, you never have to worry about breaching the weight limit for your luggage. The Global Tracker App and the Anti-Theft Protection feature help you to monitor and safeguard your luggage. You can spend your time in the airport waiting for the lounge catching up on your business or some other activity rather than anxiously looking out for your luggage. Global GPS tracking comes at no extra cost.

The intelligent travel luggage from Planet Traveler also comes in 3 different sizes, each with its advantages. So whether you desire a simple carry-on or entire travel luggage, Planet Travel has the solution. Each of the available sizes is suitable for both short and long-distance travel. They also come in 3 unique colors, adding style to your traveling experience.

The technological features of the intelligent luggage from Travel Partner are as good, maybe even better, than can be found on other best innovative luggage brands. One thing is for sure, though; the features all serve their purpose quite well. Expertly engineered to make traveling more enjoyable with ergonomic handles and quick-turning wheels, the new smart luggage from Planet Traveler has everything.

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