NOMATIC Travel Bag Review – Explore Travel Pack, Backpack & Luggage with Latest Price Chart

NOMATIC Travel Bag Review Explore Travel Pack Backpack Luggage with Latest Price Chart

Some brands would enter the market, penetrating it with a bang. And those brands are always on the radar if related to your product interest. In this case, we travel freaks take an interest in the travel bag brands that possess great potential to simplify your lives on the move. NOMATIC is one such brand that’s becoming trend-on nowadays. And that made us test, research, and write an article in the NOMATIC Travel Bag Review.

NOMATIC comes up with some great solutions for hardcore travellers. From backpacks and travel packs to carry-ons, they have the broadest range of resilient products for your on-the-move lifestyle. From durability to functionality, NOMATIC travel bags are the ones to count on. Some top professionals worldwide use these backpacks and travel packs, like Kenny Dope, Louie Vega, Jazzy Jeff, etc. It has also been liked by all spheres of people for a cause. 

So you seem to have a good reason to be here and check out the Nomatic bag review & explore more of its variants and features. This article intends to review the NOMATIC product portfolios regarding travel bags and explore some of their top features. The discussion will help you to compare its different variants and choose the best-suited one for your travel needs.


nomatic travel bag review meet nomatic

The two cousins – Jon Richards & Jacob Durham- behind bringing NOMATIC into existence. Kickstarter initially launched them to get a break; from then on, they never had to look back. 

The founders aim to simplify the life of people on the move with their well-thought lifestyle products. This lifestyle brand includes a wide range of innovative products designed based on consumer preference, quality prioritization, and comprehensive functional aspects. And you can realize these facts with the excellent product line of travel bags. 

Their mission is to inspire confidence when you are on move with high-quality bags that are functionally sound and versatile when you are on the move. So you reach your destination in the best possible way.

NOMATIC Travel Bag Review: Travel Pack, Backpack & Luggage

We can categorize the wide range of travel bag options from NOMATIC into three different categories such as –

  • NOMATIC Travel Pack
  • NOMATIC Backpack
  • NOMATIC Carry-On Luggage

NOMATIC Travel Bag, Backpack, & Carry-On Luggage Latest Price Chart (as of June 2020)



(as of 4th June 2020)

Purchase Link

NOMATIC Travel Bag


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NOMATIC Backpack


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NOMATIC Carry-On Classic


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NOMATIC Carry-On Pro


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We’ll explore more of these bags in our respective review sections below. But first, let’s dive deep into it.

NOMATIC Travel Bag Review

NOMATIC 40L Travel Bag Review- Duffel/Backpack, Carry-on Size for Airplane Travel, Everyday Use with TSA Compliant Built-in Laptop and Tablet Sleeve, Updated V2 for 2020

nomatic travel bag review pack

You won’t probably get a better travel kit than the NOMATIC Travel Bag bundle. It helps you to stay organized and stress-free on your next trip. You can take almost everything you need in a 3-7 day trip. This travel pack combines features from a duffel bag, backpack, and general luggage. So you can spend less time fussing with the packing and enjoy more of your trip more. It has more than 20 features, making it an incredibly functional travel bag. It has a streamlined and smoother look with fantastic exterior and interior features. And it’s also worth mentioning that this travel pack is an upgrade to their previously released version, and you can surely expect a lot from it.

Exterior Features

Construction & Aesthetics

This travel bag has dimensions of 21″ L x 14″ W x 9″ D and a weight of 4 lbs or 2 kgs. It has a total capacity of 40L and meets all the standard size specifications for airliners. It also fits in the overhead compartment and under the seat as storage in your flight. This all-new NOMATIC Travel Pack has an elegant, subdued, and much cleaner look. Its exterior construction includes water-repellent tarpaulin material, which is more enduring than traditional nylon or polyester fabrics. This travel pack’s buckles and strap adjusters are built from durable Wujin hardware. It uses top-quality Zoom and YKK zippers that are weather-resistant. From the exterior texture, you can feel it to be rubbery yet less shiny and slippery. And that gives it a more subdued appearance. Moreover, the logo on the front, back, and shoulder panels is beautifully designed to complement its look. The all-black look with minimalistic branding makes it look and feel much better.

Convenient Straps

The NOMATIC Travel Pack harness system is suitable for any travel. The shoulder straps are decent, with little padding. Yet they are thick enough to make you comfortable. Also, when you carry a heavy load, you might feel less dense foam than expected. So with less load, it’s a very convenient travel backpack. To add convenience, you have the detachable and adjustable sternum strap. It’s easy to slide, tighten, or loosen; you can find it more comfortable because of its elasticity and flexibility as you walk.

nomatic travel bag review carry

NOMATIC Waist Strap

This NOMATIC harness system includes a convenient waist strap. To fasten it, you get a couple of rubbery Hypalon attachment points. These loops won’t come your way, and you can also tuck them under the back panel if not in use. They make it more comfortable while carrying a loaded one. We dig into its convenient attachment to the metal buckles and find its pockets handy enough to keep the more minor and flatter items.

NOMATIC Top & Side Handle

Regarding the carrying options, it has a super convenient top and side handles. The handle at the top is highly padded, making it very comfy to carry. You’ll also have low-profile side handles that let you quickly grab them. So the handles are designed to make you feel better in your journeys.

Back Panel

The NOMATIC back panel is a standout feature of this travel pack. It has decent padding and is structured by a semi-rigid frame sheet that provides a boxy shape. So it looks comfy and stylish at the same time. It also has a small channel to maintain the airflow and can be unbuttoned to give you a chance to hide the straps. A luggage pass-through at the back makes it convenient to roll the luggage around the airport.

nomatic travel bag features

Magnetic Water Bottle Pocket

There’s a side handle and a water bottle pocket on the other. The water bottle pocket is a stretchy mesh that can fit any giant water bottle. The magnets make the pocket look and stay nice while not in use.

Interior Features

Pocket Organization

The internal pocket design is probably essential for which people rated it high. It has a small security pocket with a zipper closure that hides on the backside. It takes some effort to access it, making it safe to store your passport or other valuables. 

Next up is its quick-access pocket at the top of the pack, which is excellent for keeping the smartphone or sunglasses. Finally, it has a cord pass-through to let you charge your phone while having the power bank in the main compartment. 

You’ll also discover a sizeable U-shaped pocket that easily peels open to provide you with many organization options. 

Inside the front flap of it, there’s a zippered RFID pocket at the top and a smaller zippered pocket with two sleeves. Finally, the main compartment has multiple stretchy mesh pockets that allow you to keep a laptop charger or any medium-sized notebook.

nomatic travel bag bonus features

Main Compartment

Time to discuss the main compartment of this fantastic travel pack. The main compartment or laptop compartment fully opens up clamshell-style. And that makes it easier for you to go through airport security. 

The laptop sleeve also has a false bottom to make it more protective against accidental drops.

You also have a tablet pocket with a soft lining and a velcro closure to keep the gear secure. 

A divider pocket is opposite the compartment to keep your things secure. 

The cord pass-through and mesh pockets mentioned earlier are located inside this main compartment. So you can make the most out of this organization.

Additional Compartments & Shells

There is more to the NOMATIC travel pack that focuses on the convenience of storing your essentials. For example, it comes with a shoe compartment to save the shoes separately and conveniently. So you can take extra shoes on your trips easily. Similarly, it has room to keep your underwear or other laundry and a sunglasses shell. So now you know what things to find and where.

Exclusive Expandability

The expandability of the main compartment makes it a gem as a travel pack. And that is followed by the large mesh divider and semi-elastic liner pocket to ensure the maximum storage capacity on your trips. But, of course, you’ll also leave ample space that can fill with packing cubes.

What Customers Say

The NOMATIC travel bag has become one of the most sought-after travel bags within a short period. People like this bag because of its sleek design, sturdy construction, spacious main compartment, interior pocket organization, and so on.

However, some people think the zippers could’ve been better, the water bottle pocket could’ve been more convenient, and the overall size could’ve been smaller and more compact.

NOMATIC Backpack Review

NOMATIC Backpack- Slim Black Water Resistant Anti-Theft 20L Laptop Bag RFID Protected

backpack nomatic travel bag review

The NOMATIC comes with a unique backpack solution for your everyday on-the-move solution. Its capacity starts at 20L and can expand up to 24L. While providing this expanded capacity, it stays slim as well. There is a lot to talk about this fantastic backpack starting from its versatile strap system and competent pocket organization to more than 20 noteworthy features. Moreover, the sleek and minimalist design adds a classy touch to your lifestyle. So you can’t consider it an ordinary backpack but a high-end daily-use pack. Yet the NOMATIC backpack price is not too high to shout.

Exterior Features

NOMATIC Travel Backpack Specs

Looking at the overview of the NOMATIC specs should be the first thing to discuss. We’ve already discussed its capacity that expands from 20L to 24L. The bag dimensions are 18.5″ L x 5″ W x 12″ D, with a weight of 3lbs & 10 OZ. These specs sound standard enough for a high-end backpack like this. You can also use this great travel bag as a carry-on for your overnight trips.

backpack expansion nomatic travel bag review

Durable Exterior

NOMATIC backpacks include a reliable and durable exterior. It is made of water-resistant Kodra 500D Tarpaulin fabric, a speciality for NOMATIC travel solutions. In addition, all its exterior zippers are solidly built and waterproof. So you can expect it to withstand harsh conditions like rain or snow and still look like a new one. And that will also protect the valuables you have inside. NOMATIC also backs the quality of their product with a lifetime guarantee to make it more convincing.

Comfy Backpanel

It’s not only about the larger capacity but also about carrying it conveniently and comfortably. NOMATIC does that beautifully with its padded back panel. It has spaced out from ridges for better air circulation but not the breathable mesh. So you feel alright while carrying the bulky items in the main compartment. The solid black material of the panel also adds to its sleek design.

Convenient Straps

NOMATIC has an innovative strap system that will add to the versatility level of this bag. And also give a professional look or help to escape professional demands. The convenience of carrying it starts with the adjustable shoulder straps. It ensures the bag fits well by adjusting the height and minimizing the overall strain on the shoulders and back. In addition, being padded and covered with breathable mesh, you can expect it to leave no foul sweat stains.

It also features a sternum strap, which makes a great addition to the bag. It complements the shoulder straps to reduce more strain on the back. Unfortunately, it’s not removable, so you can’t keep it away from sight for a cleaner look.

One thing you can do for both steps is you can hide them. You need to unsnap the back panel, tuck them in, and finally snap the group to use it like a briefcase.

It doesn’t feature any hip belt like its travel bags. Although, it shouldn’t be a big deal in the case of this backpack.

backpack nomatic

Interchangeable Panels & Retractable Key Leash

NOMATIC backpack comes with removable panels that you can interchange and customize to meet specific needs. It also features a retractable key leash for easy and secure lockup with one hand, release the key and see how simple things are.

Cord Pass-Through & Roller Bag Sleeve

There is more to this great backpack. It features built-in cord-pass throughs across the bag to keep your portable chargers and headphones keep your phone activated. To make it more convenient for travelling, you get a roller bag sleeve that allows you to mount the Nomatic backpack on the luggage.

Interior Features

Well-Designed Main Compartment

The storage organization is better, if not better than many other traditional backpacks. It has one spacious main compartment that suffices all your backpack needs. However, you might’ve liked to have larger containers as they are often handy; however, there are multiple pockets to keep all the smaller accessories.

The main compartment of this backpack is very roomy and well-organized. It also allows you to access the chamber from all sides quickly. It simplifies your packing process and lets you check out where things are.

You can carry the laptop, notebooks, files and so on in the main compartment, which is designed to meet these requirements. It fits great with laptops up to 15.5″ and tablets up to 12″. You can take clothes for an overnight stay. However, it’s not ideal for the packing of clothes. Accessing and grabbing things from the main compartment could’ve been more convenient as the process takes you to lie it flat and unzip it. Its zipper closure is secure enough to stay stress-free wherever you go.

backpack laptop nomatic travel bag

Pocket Organization

NOMATIC has specific pockets that are designed to carry your different essentials. These are laptop chargers, phones, notebooks, planners, tablets, keys, water bottles, sunglasses, wallets, and so on. Its multiple pockets include the RFID safe, magnetic side, and several slip pockets. So you can make out huge benefits of its intelligent pocket organization.

What Customers Say

We’ve mostly come across positives about this version NOMATIC travel bag review that is the NOMATIC Backpack. People seem to be liking its sleek design the most. Besides, its durable construction and versatile pocket organization are the features that kept people happy with the purchase.

There are some cons to this backpack as well. It’s slightly heavier, and the functionality could be more versatile, especially with larger compartments. The pockets could also be more convenient in terms of ample storage. However, some also think the NOMATIC backpack price is higher than it should be, and the NOMATIC backpack discount offer is the right time to purchase it.

NOMATIC Luggage Review

Next up on the list of NOMATIC travel bag solutions is the NOMATIC Luggage or Carry-Ons. Being hardcore travellers, we find much luggage while travelling domestically or abroad. Consequently, we’ve had experience with the NOMATIC roller luggage and its carry-on models – the Carry-On Classic & Carry-On Pro. And we must say they are here in the market to stay and are worth reviewing. These carry-ons are durable and functional and have many things to discuss, so let’s start the review.

NOMATIC Carry-On Classic

Nomatic Luggage- Carry-On Classic Luggage Perfect for 3-5 Day Trips, Hard Case Luggage for Men and Women

carry on classic nomatic travel bag review

We’ll start with a classic and a more straightforward one of the two. Of course, it can look like any other carry-on bag from its appearance. Still, when you explore its construction, hardware, and other innovative features, you’ll know that it’s designed for an ultimate and seamless travelling experience. Here, we’ll look at the features and have a complete insight into the NOMATIC travel bag review.

Exterior Features

Sleek Design

NOMATIC has to be at the top regarding sleek and classy-looking carry-ons. The solid black colour of the luggage can suit whatever purpose you are travelling for. It’s also compact with a size dimension of 22″ H x 14″ W x 9″ D, making a storage capacity of 30L. The weight of the luggage is 7.46 lbs, keeping it as less as possible to make it more convenient to travel.

Durable Exterior Construction

Its exterior construction is easy to start, backed by a lifetime warranty. This carry-on includes materials that can withstand an extreme beating and are up for almost any travel. On the outer shell, it uses 100-percent Makrolon Polycarbonate, the sturdiest one out there, and you need a bit of good luck cracking that. So sounds durable enough to give you peace of mind on your all-important trips.

Smooth Hinomoto Wheels

While talking about the hardware, the NOMATIC Carry-On Classic leaves the mark. One thing that will draw your attention is its smooth and silent Hinomoto Wheels. You’d find it rolling effortlessly on the four wheels or getting tilted up on a couple of them. It can also take a heavy load while leaving you stress-free about getting the wheels broken. So now you can breeze through the airport congestion.

carry on classic nomatic luggage

Buttery & Sturdy Zippers

You always expect the NOMATIC zippers to be possessing high quality. And it does; it includes the high-end YKK zippers that are durable and good-looking. The TSA lock also powers them to ensure your stuff’s safety while travelling.

Strong Telescoping Handles

This NOMATIC carry-on features a 3-stage aluminium handle. It’s a sturdy and easy-to-grip telescoping handle that complements the overall exterior. It’s also convenient to slide on additional bags with built-in loops for combined carry.

Interior Features

Magnetic Compression Straps

Less is more when packing more pieces of stuff in a compact-looking space. And that is empowered by NOMATIC’s exclusive magnetic compression system, which makes things fit more in less space. It’s one of the features that make it a master of organization.

carry on classic nomatic travel bag features

Master of Organization

The NOMATIC Carry-On classic is known as the master of organization, and it has some good reasons for that. First, it features folding compression panels, probably the most shining feature of this luggage. So you can customize it to your needs.

3-5 Days Packing

Generally, your business trips or short vacation tours have a duration of around 3-5 days. NOMATIC Carry-On classic is perfect for having all your essentials for a long time. Now travel anywhere in the most exemplary manner.

What Customers Say

NOMATIC Carry-On Classic travel bag review shows how it’s winning hearts with its beautiful aesthetic and versatile functionality. People find it the way it’s advertised and is worth big time for short-term travels.

People also feel it lacks the carrying option as a backpack. Also, it has no exterior pocket, and you won’t feel comfortable taking any gadgets or photography accessories to take along.

NOMATIC Carry-On Pro

Nomatic Luggage- Carry-On Pro Luggage Perfect for 1-3 Day Trips, Hard Case Luggage for Men and Women, with Tech Case

carry on pro nomatic travel bag review

With this version, the NOMATIC luggage takes a level up. It also includes an additional Tech Case to ensure you have access to everything you need. For travel enthusiasts, it’s something worth watching. So, check out this NOMATIC travel bag review to see what it offers.

Exterior Features

Carry-On Size

This NOMATIC luggage version has the perfect carry-on size with the most versatile organization you can get. It comes with a similar size dimension to its classic text that is 22″ H x 14″ W x 9″ D. Its capacity is 29L, and it weighs 8.86 lbs, slightly more than its traditional model. However, these specs are still great for a seamless travelling experience. The appearance has the same look as the NOMATIC Carry-On Classic.

Durable Exterior

You don’t expect it to be any less regarding the durability of the exterior or interior construction. Like the classic model, it also includes the 100-per cent Makrolon Polycarbonate, which makes it up for any harsh treatment during travel. This is sturdy and can serve you for years to come.

Smooth Hinomoto Wheels

The Hinomoto Wheels are a plus for its organization. You get no less performance with its wheels, even for this version. They’re smooth and silent even with taking heavy-load. It’ll effortlessly roll or tilt to penetrate the airport congestion conveniently.

carry on pro nomatic tech case

Sturdy YKK Zippers

The YKK zippers are one of the NOMATIC specialities. They’re sturdy and give you a buttery feel while zipping and unzipping. The TSA Locking and these sturdy zippers take care of the safety of your stuff.

4 Stage Aluminum Handle

The telescoping handle gets an upgrade with the carry-on pro model. It’s a 4-stage aluminium version here, making the telescoping grip stronger and leaving you more relaxed about its durability. It also provides you with the ease of combined carry.

Additional Tech Case

The removable tech case is one of the significant and unique selling points of the Carry-On Pro. Electronic gadgets have become an integral part of our lives and journeys. Having that in mind, NOMATIC comes with a removable tech case that eliminates the need to carry any additional suitcase for your tech gadgets like laptops or tablets. It’s a soft-shell packing bag with several compartments and slots for your tech devices—being removable. You can take it away in your security checkups. Techy guys should have a watch on it while travelling.

Interior Features

carry on pro nomatic travel bag features

Tech Organization

While dealing with the interior features of the Carry-On Pro, the one that stands out is its tech compartment. Now travel with a single bag while enjoying the benefits of two, especially when accessing your techs on the move is essential to you. You get the dedicated internal compartments in the tech case to get anything right where you need them.

Magnetic Compression

It’s another unique feature the NOMATIC luggage comes with. Compressing the stuff will help you maximize the capacity and have more things for the trip. The Carry-On Pro does that with its folding compression panel and magnetic straps.

1-3 Days Packing

NOMATIC Carry-On Pro is geared toward the digital nomad or millennial businessman who is serious about their trips. So it’s not about more extended trips, preferably 1-3 days shorter trips that matter more in your life. Now stay on top of things, especially if your travel has anything to do with digital devices.

What Customers Say

Regarding the NOMATIC travel bag review for its Carry-On Pro, the first positive that people find is its removable tech case and compartment. In addition, some travel-friendly features make people purchase it, such as sleeker aesthetics, durable construction, internal storage compartment, etc.

The con that strikes people the most is its price, which looks a bit higher. The only mentionable addition to this version is the removable tech case that the classic one doesn’t have. But paying such an extra amount for this doesn’t seem justified. Also, there is no compartment if you’re to take any photography equipment. It’s slightly heavier and can’t carry as a backpack.


We hope you’ve had the perfect insight into the NOMATIC travel bag review. The NOMATIC hasn’t been in the market for long, yet it has been creating enough buzz to draw your attention, and there are good reasons for that. So far, we’ve seen the travel bag, backpack, and luggage from NOMATIC. If travelling is your hobby and you love to look at things around you, the travel bag could be the right option. For daily use, the backpack should impress you with its performance. But if you’re checking out a bag for your business trips or shorter family vacations, you should go with the carry-on luggage.

NOMATIC stands right behind their products; you can expect to have them for any query or inconvenience. That’s it; we hope you’ve liked the NOMATIC travel bag review and will be good with the right choice.

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