Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Review – 2020

Kenneth Cole Reaction

After reviewing such a premium & classic travel bag from Samsonite (Click here to read that review), now it’s time to come up with a fairly average and decent one in terms of quality and price. The reason behind choosing Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage is that all your trips do not possess the same significance and they are more of the routine ones.

Here we are recommending this option that has some basic features, although it still has to have something special to be on our list.

Exclusive ABS Technology

The Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage does come with something special. This case from KC is made with ABS technology which makes it an extremely lightweight suitcase, a plus that made us look into it. We guess you may be unfamiliar with the ABS and thinking what ABS is, you may have heard about polycarbonate exterior but not this tech. Well, like Polycarbonate, the ABS is another synthetic material which is a step from the heavier case options like plastic and metal.

Durability – Is Not Something You Always Want

There are a few instances where you prefer lightweight luggage that you don’t bother using several times. And you don’t want to go for those extremely durable heavier ones. In that category of cases, it will be the perfect choice as its durability is not up to expectations like the polycarbonate material. If you want something very much durable then we surely prefer the exteriors made with polycarbonate material.

Extremely Lightweight Construction

One of the most important reasons we have put this one on our list is its lightweight nature. This one of the best travel luggage in terms of being extremely lightweight and even lighter than the polycarbonate ones. With this one, you can easily carry the heavier things without really tipping the airport checking scales. Being lightweight itself it can save you from paying hefty overweight charge even though you carry heavier things. Weighing only 6 pounds 7 ounces, it stands out well against its hard side/outside competitors.

Incredible wheels

KC Reaction Out of Bounds comes with some other regular features which also need to be discussed to clarify that they are not compromised at all. One such great feature that you always look up to these spinners is the wheels. This luggage comes with four great 360-degree swivel wheels that allow you to push or pull your bag in any direction.

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Available In Some Incredible Colors As Well

If you are someone who fancies the bold colors and want yourself to look unique, then you can surely do this with this KC case. It offers you 9 incredible colors ranging from bright to bold. The bright colors include bright fuchsia pink, bold purple, and royal red. You also have the option to look elegant with some of the subdued colors like rose gold, shimmering navy blue, and silver. There are also some basic colors available to make you look more traditional such as the black, cobalt blue, and charcoal.

Feel Like Carrying Everything With So Much Of Space

Now coming to its interior architecture, with this case you just feel like carrying everything you want starting from your clothes to shoes and even great is the way it allows you to organize your pieces of stuff. It has that flap between two sides allowing you to put your clothes into that open side by strapping them down using the clip-strap and on the other side, you have that u-shaped flap to slip your shoes.

Sizes You Can’t-Miss

The KC Reaction Out of Bound comes with a variety of cases starting from the carry-on to full-sized one. They have their 20-inch and 28-inch versions to completely satisfy your needs. The 20-inch is perfect to be fitted into the overhead bin of your flight or train and the larger 28-inch one can allow you to pack a whole lot of things for your trips. However, the medium size version is missing in the list.

Final Verdict

You see this Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage coming with some of the basic features but you should have known that it certainly has something that puts it above the average in some way. The material of the case is its advantage and disadvantage at the same time. It surely makes things lighter for you but if you want something more durable for your frequent trips and you seem to pack lighter things then you should go for the polycarbonate material.

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