10 Best Travel Luggage

Traveling is about following your dreams – the ones that don’t let you sleep in order to fulfill your ambitions or the ones that are sweet to have during the soundest sleep at your favorite vacation spot. At this very chase of yours, one companion you must need is the travel luggage. This review post is intended to give you a detailed idea about some of the best travel luggage and suitcase set you can have during your all-important trips.

Although we will be focusing more on the suitcases that are 21-inch or above. From the carry on suitcase to that biggest 30-inch version, we will try to let you know who is providing it the best for you.

There was a time we used to see people struggling to carry a whole bunch of bags for their family and miserably going wrong while doing so. The time has changed and now you can maneuver these suitcases easily with the minimal carrying. But the amount of stuff you can carry inside is not minimum, in fact, they are capable of holding maximum possible stuff for the outstanding interior design. Some of the best travel luggage are even remarkable as they come with the exterior pockets to hold your stuff.

We, the team of the Best Travel Bag thinks it as our duty to inform you about the best travel bags that you can have as a joy to your journey. We have made our list while considering the most important factors that make the best travel luggage. Some of these factors are –

  • Quality
  • Construction
  • Budget
  • Design & Style
  • Comfortability
  • Durability
  • Wheels & Handle
  • Size of the luggage

Based on these considerations we’ll be moving towards reviewing the top 10 picks for the best travel luggage and suitcases.

In-Depth Review of 10 Best Travel Luggage & Suitcases

Samsonite Aspire-Xlite Review

(almost in all luggage reviews Samsonite holds the top positions on best travel luggage solution.)

We guess you are serious about traveling and want things to get organized and disciplined in your tours. This is the reason why we’ve come up with a solution that will let you carry your own organization with you and who can do it better than the ever aspiring travel luggage manufacturer brand Samsonite.  Their Aspire-Xlite certainly aims for you to aspire big. This case comes with an extremely organized architecture that cannot really allow you to be chaotic.

Multiple Pocket Options Serving Multiple Purpose

Talking about its interior design, the multiple pocket organization surely makes it the repository for your belongings. You get pockets starting from the large mesh pocket to the little ones in and out of the case which really allows you to easily organize your little stuff like the shampoo, or the lenses, or any daily styling product. About the large pockets, you have the slightly smaller one on the top to put things like your wallet or passport and the large bottom one to shove even your pair of shoes.  The front section is expandable if you just don’t find the space enough. One of its pockets is plastic and waterproof which adds a big plus to it.

Extremely Impressive Wheels

Another impressive thing that you will found about this case is that it can be spun in any direction for its four 360-degree swivel wheels. You can carry it however you want, just push it through in front of you or pull it from behind. This might be harder for you to do with two-wheeled cases.

Samsonite Aspire-Xlite

Samsonite Aspire-Xlite

Samsonite Aspire-Xlite

Different Size Options According To Your Need

We do suggest you for the 25-inch taller suitcase but samsonite understands your demand well, that’s why they have their carry on size case of 21-inch and also the taller 29-inch option. With the diverse options, you cannot just look for something else.

However, it has few setbacks which can be overlooked considering its so many benefits. One of such fact that misses the mark is it does not come with a locking system and the other is you may not find it as expandable as it should be like it interior part is not expandable.

The Locking System Could Be A Matter Of Worry

The Lack of a locking system is a real drawback for this Samsonite case. However, all your trips do not demand a locking system that can bother you.

Expandable Not Up To Expectations

You may not find it as much expandable as you expect it to be, like the front section of the case is expandable but not the interior part.

Our Opinion

We feel it be one of the best travel luggage available in the suitcase category. In fact, This probably is the best you can get for your quick getaways like spending a vacation in your relatives’ house or stay with your in-laws for a couple of days. With so many good features and a wide variety of options, it really deserves to be on the top of your list.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds

After reviewing such a premium & classic travel bag from Samsonite, now it’s time to come up with a fairly average and decent one in terms of quality and price. The reason behind choosing it is that all your trips do not really possess the same significance and they are more of the routine ones.

Here we are recommending this option that has some basic feature, although it still has to have something special to be on our list.

Exclusive ABS Technology

The Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds does come with something special. This case from KC is made with ABS technology which makes it an extremely lightweight suitcase, a plus that made us look into it. We guess you may be unfamiliar with the ABS and thinking what ABS is, you may have heard about polycarbonate exterior but not this tech. Well, like Polycarbonate, the ABS is another synthetic material which is a step from the heavier case options like plastic and metal.

Kenneth Cole Reaction

Durability – Is Not Something You Always Want

There are a few instances where you prefer lightweight luggage that you don’t really bother using several times. And you don’t want to go for those extremely durable heavier ones. In that category of cases, it will be the perfect choice as its durability is not up to the expectations like the polycarbonate material. If you want something very much durable then we surely prefer the exteriors made with polycarbonate material.

Extremely Lightweight Construction

One of the most important reasons we have put this one on our list is its lightweight nature. This one of the best travel luggage in terms of being extremely lightweight and even lighter than the polycarbonate ones. With this one, you can easily carry the heavier things without really tipping the airport checking scales. Being lightweight itself it can save you from paying hefty overweight charge even though you carry heavier things. Weighing only 6 pounds 7 ounces, it stands out well against its hardside/softside competitors.

Incredible wheels

KC Reaction Out of Bounds comes with some other regular features which also need to be discussed in order to clarify that they are not compromised at all. One such great feature that you always look up to these spinners is the wheels. This luggage comes with four great 360-degree swivel wheels that allow you to push or pull your bag in any direction.

Available In Some Incredible Colors As Well

If you are someone who fancies the bold colors and want yourself to look unique, then you can surely do this with this KC case. It offers you 9 incredible colors ranging from bright to bold. The bright colors include bright fuchsia pink, bold purple, and royal red. You also have the options to look elegant with some of the subdued colors like rose gold, shimmering navy blue, and silver. There are also some basic colors available to make you look more traditional such as the black, cobalt blue, and charcoal.

Feel Like Carrying Everything With So Much Of Space

Now coming to its interior architecture, with this case you just feel like carrying everything you want starting from your clothes to shoes and even great is the way it allows you to organize your pieces of stuff. It has that flap between two sides allowing you to put your clothes into that open side by strapping them down using the clip-strap and on the other side, you have that u-shaped flap to slip your shoes.

Sizes You Can’t Really Miss

The KC Reaction Out of Bound comes with a variety of cases starting from the carry-on to full-sized one. They have their 20-inch and 28-inch versions to completely satisfy your needs. The 20-inch is perfect to be fitted into the overhead bin of your flight or train and the larger 28-inch one can allow you to pack a whole lot of things for your trips. However, the medium size version is missing in the list.

Our Opinion

You see it coming with some of the basic features but you should have known that it certainly has something that puts it above the average in some way. The material of the case is its advantage and disadvantage at the same time. It surely makes things lighter for you but if you want something more durable for your frequent trips and you seem to pack lighter things then you should go for the polycarbonate material.

Samsonite Winfield 2 Luggage Review

So we guess now it’s time you want something more than just a single suitcase, something that is really great with its features and also that comes in a complete suitcase set to cover all your base. Being a frequent vacationer and who loves to travel with the FnFs, you need a set of cases to bring all those belongings. Your options definitely surround the hardcase options as you can neither take chance with the security nor the durability. The hardshell case also ensures that you do not get those cracks, bumps, or scrapes on your suitcase for its excellent polycarbonate construction and this also keeps it lightweight despite being hardcase.

Locking System That Makes It Truly Secure

The very first thing you would expect in the Samsonite suitcases is to have a reliable locking system. It’s not something that you can break with your bare hands rather it comes with a combination lock that is easy to use as well. While locking the Winfield 2 suitcase you need to close the zipper and then put the zipper pulls into the right slots and engage the lock with your combination key. While its unlocking is even easier as you just have to enter the combination and it will pop open for you. In the airport, the authority can use their universal key to open it without really bothering you.

Samsonite Winfield 2 Luggage

Samsonite Winfield 2 Luggage

Samsonite Winfield 2 Luggage

How About Such A Great Lock With Even A Better Look

If you’re the one who is attracted to some elegant looks then this might suit your taste perfectly. The color is not something flashy but comes with a  cool and smart look. We say it smart because they have that bushed colored-steel design which can keep your case look like a new one ever and ever again. Getting scratched is a common thing for hardcase luggage but this pattern is incorporated with brush strokes in a manner that the scratches get blended making it the way it is. So no matter how roughly it is treated it can withstand to all catastrophes for its durable nature and smart design pattern.

Ready To Be Treated Roughly

We can go further about the fact that how responsive it is to take some beatings. This feature could probably the reason people tends to shift from the softcase luggage to the hardcase ones. However, the old plastic made hardcase ones did no good as they were also vulnerable to scratches and cracks. In this case, the polycarbonate material used in its constructions is very much capable of withstanding to significant bangs and bumps without getting broken. It will rather bend and bounce back to the original position.

Get Everything In

It comes with the most efficient storage system you can get around, providing you with the way to organize your stuff in two different segments such as putting clothes in one and shoes in other or cleaner clothes in one and dirtier ones in the other. Just the way you want.

Great Zipper Pockets

The zippered divider that divides these sides are even more helpful. Most importantly it comes with multiple zipper pockets and pouches allowing you to store you little pieces of stuff like notebooks, wallet, passports, toiletries, cell phones or anything else. You just can not lose items in the bottom as no more rooting is there.

Get Impressed With This Amazing Set

We do not see any reason for you to not get impressed by this amazing set of cases. They come in a set of 3 and the sizes these darlings come are -the small 20-inch carry-on size, the medium 24-inch size, and the larger one with 28-inch. You can have them as a set of three or get them individually but either case you are going to love them as your best friend that can make your trip even more amazing.

Buy Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion Hardside 3 Piece Set

Our Opinion

For a set, we surely recommend it as the one best travel luggage set. With these amazing feature and great 30-degree swivel wheels, you can just move along with sheer excellence.

Samsonite Omni PC – Set or Single Spinner

Well, Samsonite is all over our list and it actually deserves to do so. Omni PC from Samsonite is another great case that you cannot stop loving during your trips. There are lots of reasons you could love it as they hit some of the main qualifiers a traveler could think of.

In Love With Polycarbonate – Durable Yet Lightweight, Wow!

First things first, we will be talking about its construction. And yes it’s that polycarbonate material again. Because this can be the best one you can get for a sturdy yet lightweight case. Isn’t that something you want for your regular trips? This construction makes it up for the cracks or bumps that can come due to rough treatment. Even it is unlike those plastic hardshell ones that get broken down. It is bendable and bounces right back in case of any serious collision. Another benefit of having such material is you do not really have to be worried about the weight restriction as it itself is a light one. Which allows you to carry heavier things with ease.

Samsonite Omni PC

Samsonite Omni PC

Tamper-Resistant Lock – Sounds Great And It Truly Is

The next adorable feature that makes it one of the best travel luggage is its locking system which is a super reliable one. It actually breaks the norm of losing things while traveling and especially airport checking. It is so damn good to keep your belongings safeguarded. Since the locking system has been introduced in travel bags it has been adored by so many people and this case from Samsonite is such one that is being accepted widely for its secure locking system. It actually comes with that tamper-resistant lock that can take a professional thief quite some time to break in. It comes with a special locking mechanism that is available on each side. You just have to pull the ends of the zipper-pulls into the lock and you’re done. You will see something going through the zipper pull holes and that makes it closed. Unlocking is even easier as you do not need any key as it is a combination lock. However, airport security officials can put the universal key into keyholes without just bothering you to make things easier for you.

The Interior Pocket Is Awesome – In fact The Whole Interior Architecture Is

Now we’ve come to the most important thing that you buy a case for, it’s about the interior organization especially the pockets of this case. Well, this interior pocket is just awesome that is almost half of the entire case. In the bottom portion, it has a convenient clip-strap to hold your stuff in places like other prominent suitcases and one the top (inside of the lid) it has one full mesh going across with a strong zipper to close. You can separately organize your clean clothes from the dirtier ones and the shoes. With the mesh section, the things can have at least some air circulation even inside a closed bag.

Expand Happiness

Do you feel that space is just not enough for bringing some extra stuff? Relax, it expands the range of your happiness with its expandable nature. Now expand it and put more stuff inside. You can use most of this hardshell case.

Choose From That Wide Variety Of Options

It comes with some great colors as well for making it look beautiful. It does come in a set although they offer you to go solo or buy two instead of all 3. You have the sizes available from the carry-on to the larger one. They do not just seem to run out of options.

Our Opinion

It is durable, adorable, expandable, reliable, and we can go on and on. So aren’t these enough to put it on the best travel luggage list? So grab one quickly if you are looking for the best bag for travel & tour.

American Tourister Splash

After Samsonite here comes another heavy-weight luggage manufacturer brand, American Tourister. It comes with their Splash suitcase that is one of the best travel luggage available on the market for a carry on suitcase size. With so many amazing features it can help you dodge the hassle of carrying a checked luggage and you will not have to wait frustratedly for your baggage claim. It goes on to become a top-notch carryon suitcase for some of its seriously good features.

Smooth Rolling

The best experience you can have while carrying your case is the smooth rolling wheels. There are lots of bad experience when you see that people are complaining about their wheels are getting stuck or broken but in the case of the Splash, we find it as the best rolling suitcase which is not reported with any of such incidents. And they are also pretty fast if you have to race for catching your flight.

The Handle Is Designed To Release Your Pressure

The extendable upright handle is just perfect for people of any height whether you are a short person or overly tall one this height feels to be efficient and comfortable as well for you to push or pull the luggage. You can also just carry it as a duffel using the other handle.

In Terms Of Interior – Thumbs Up!

Splash, in terms of the interior, is even more beautiful and also effective for its smart organization. You have plenty of pockets to put all your necessary stuff like clothing, toiletries, and other stuff in a more organized manner by keeping them separate to easily point out.

American Tourister Splash

American Tourister Splash

Colors – Bright and Exciting

With the efficient interior organization,, it also comes with great looks for its beautiful and exciting colors. It is available in three different colors such as black, turquoise, and solar rose. So get the want suits your personality.

Be Aware With The Zipper Pulls

Losing the zipper pulls in a travel luggage is something very commonly noticed. Being so tightly affixed, these zippers are hard to move without using the pulls. Although, when using for the first time, people tend to use the zippers with pliers to ensure that the pulls are not being lost while traveling.  

Don’t Want A Carry On – No Problem

This carry-on is also available in other sizes as well. However, we actually recommend this as the best carry on suitcase with 21” long and 14” wide as this can easily fit your overhead storage with ease. However, you have the chance of buying the bigger versions as well and you may consider to buy it as a complete set also.

Our Opinion

You want an individual carry-on or want it along with checked bags, this is one of the best travel luggage with sturdy built that you can surely go for. And you can also look cooler with some of the craziest colors of suitcases.

Samsonite Spinner Expandable Wheeled Luggage

If you are someone who is not a disciplined traveler and tends to drop things pretty often – vulnerable to collisions while traveling. Then you often seem to challenge the durability of your travel luggage and most of the times you feel like having a more lasting and durable one. For a strong suitcase that you think should last forever and withstand your rough treatments, you have this Samsonite Expandable wheeled luggage spinner that is you can completely trust on with regards to its durability.

Smooth Wheels – You Fancy While Traveling

One best thing you can experience if you consider them to your past bags is that it has got smooth spinner wheels. The four swivel wheels make it a great rolling suitcase without making you bothered about the weight or amount of stuff you have inside. So, just push it with ease.

Samsonite Spinner Expandable Wheeled Luggage

Samsonite Spinner Expandable Wheeled Luggage

Samsonite Spinner Expandable Wheeled Luggage

Amazing Interior

It has the pockets to get you covered with all your important pieces of stuff whether it is the charging cable or any styling product. A front pocket is also a great option if you are a lazy traveler who finds it hassling to unzip and get things.

Don’t Compromise With The Look

It has to look stylish as well as you feeling carrying your personality. While you travel. It comes with the traditional black color along with the bright options like blue and red. The black one is a good one to suit if you carry a professional look and if you someone love to fun than the bright colors will surely satisfy you.

Remember –

Remember not to overstuff the bag else it can fall over. The reason for this instability is the insufficient width of the base that is not compatible with sloppy packing.

Also, use the reinforced zippers as you may find issues with it as it is a common issue in most of the bags. However, you can use a clamp with piler that may help you to close the gap.

If you want it along with a carry on then this might let you down, however, the large sized luggage has their own benefits that other can’t help and for this particular size, it’s rather a great option.

As a single suitcase, it might seem to be expensive with a costing just below $200, but people who look for professional quality do not really mind paying this amount.

Our Opinion

If you are a fan of sleek and refined design or love bright alternative colors with something as durable as this, then counting a few more coins should not be a big deal to get one of the best travel luggage around.

Samsonite Luggage Hyperspace Suitcase Review

One of the most premium users for the travel bags is mostly professional travelers who travel for different business purposes. To suit a purpose like this you need something refined and business-like quality. When you arrive at a premium hotel it should match that standard. This one from Samsonite is purely designed with a style that matches your tycoon look. However, not only the professionals, every traveler aspires for such a look or at least something that can replicate for it being one of the best travel luggage we have on our list.

A Truly Hyperspace Tavel Look

The best thing about this case is its look. It comes with simple color yet they look super elegant. And to boost its sheer class you have that streamlined exterior.

Great Price

Well, for a case like this one you don’t really mind to pay a little more. But they are not remarkably expensive as well. It usually costs around $130 for the 21-inch carry-on and $150 for the checked luggage size and around $200 for the largest 29-inch version.

Samsonite Luggage Hyperspace Suitcase

Stability Sets It Apart

You want really want a luggage that helps you maintain your coolest postures and it does provide you the stability to match those postures while walking with its upright handle. The base of the case is wider than its top making it an incredibly stable one.

Not A Bad Option To Get A 8-Wheeled Luggage

And it’s the 8-wheeled luggage option that we have for you. You can move it any direction you want. The wheels are super smooth that makes your journey incredible. These wheels also add an extra level of stability to it as they provide more space for it to stand on. It allows you to be relaxed about the fact that it will not fall over even if you leave your hand from it.

Sizes – Choose From The Variety Of Options

It probably comes with the widest range of options in terms of style and sizes. Along with three distinct size spinners, you can get a smaller case as well. Even they have the duffel size available. So versatility at its best for this hyperspace suitcase.

Exterior Design – Best In The Business

Talking about the exterior fabric, it comes with nylon exterior and the honeycomb type frame surely provides the sturdiness you want yet not so hard exterior/

You get the whole range of sedated color options to match your style starting from black and grey to maroon, green and blue.

How Good It Can Be To Have A Removable Bag

It also comes with some extremely loveable options like the removable bag that it has to offer. You can attach it with the interior or use it separately as carry-on. It’s like having a cool free bag with it. It is big enough for you to carry all possible stuff you generally need in your business trips.

Remember –

21.5-inch carry on size may be slightly bigger to fit in the overhead storage. as you can see it may just miss the mark with the slight 0.5-inch. However, this will surely come out as the best if you prefer to have the big version suitcase.

For such a well-built case you want everything to match that quality. However, the inside strap of the case is not that strong as it is supposed to be.

Our Opinion

So most of the things about the case should amaze you whether it is added stability of the wheels or the tapered body or those extremely flexible options. Whenever you need a case for your professional tour whether you travel by air or by road, this bigger and the best travel luggage can really suit all your needs. You may also find one with an upgraded model soon.

Samsonite Fiero HS Spinner

(Lot of Editor’s best travel luggage solution)

Are we probably missing out the recommendations for the ones who love to take a voyage on cruise ships on the rough sea? Not really, we do remember the fact and as a reason to that we’ve come up with a luggage that can withstand to any kind of tossing around even in your cruise. This case is also something that makes you risk-free in any kind of traveling. While traveling by air, it’s normal to go through any kind of turbulence that can make your overhead carry-on damaged, let alone the checked bag area! But this suitcase from Samsonite is truly up for literally anything.

Solid Built

The Fiero HS Spinner comes in a mid-priced range yet comes with a great deal of protection. If you carry some kind of important hardware while traveling its obvious that you want a suitcase that can protect all your belongings well. Made with 100% polycarbonate material this structure is really hard and not flexible either. Even the exterior frame is also up for resisting any kind of serious tossing. Another best thing about its exterior is its micro-diamond texture that saves its surface from any kind of scratches.

Samsonite Fiero HS Spinner

Roomy & Secured Storage

Space and storage is something you need not worry about as the Fierro suitcase has more than you expect. The pockets and strong straps ensure that the pieces of stuff you have inside are very much secured. And to provide more security and keep it away from unwanted hands it comes with a TSA-approved lock.

Weather Isn’t Really A Matter

This kind of external design also makes it super compatible with any kind of weather as well, whether it is snow or rainstorm or any catastrophic one. Fiero HS spinner is up & ready to take it all. The things inside the case such as important hardware like electronic devices or clothes, they all stay safe.

Available In Your Favorite Versions

It has three versions to let you choose the one that suits you. If you want the checked luggage then go for the 28-inch, or you can go for the 24-inch version and the 20-inch carryon version as well.

Great Colors As Well

Like the size, you also have a variety of colors to choose from. You can have a classic black one or a muted gray one to look a bit understated. Contrarily, you do have those flashy blue or purple color to suit your personality if you are someone with a fun character. Along with stating your fashion statement, the bright colors are also good at addressing the security issues while waiting for your bags at the airport. You can easily identify your bag in the last two hues in a much easier way.

You Cannot Be Lazy With The Hardshell Cases

Well, as it is for all hardshell case, you cannot just get things retrieved without opening the entire case. To make things inflexible and secure they just don’t allow this. However, it’s more of a pro than a con.

Our Opinion

$115 for the 20-inch carry on seems to be perfectly priced. Neither cheap nor an expensive one. You don’t really expect it to hold the amount of stuff for your 3-month vacation rather it is handy for your shorter trips. Its sturdy zippers and all the features mentioned above certainly makes it one of our top choices for the list of best travel luggage.

Travelpro Luggage Maxlite 4

The list will be incomplete without mentioning the Travelpro Luggage Maxlite. Its class is defined by the segment of people using it. Want to know who they are? Then look around for the lifestyle of the airline officials and the style of bags they use. The pilots or the flight attendances, they are the professional packers who find it more suitable to their profession. These professionals surely deserve the appraisal for packing a lot of things in such a compact manner but the credit also goes to the case itself.

Sizes That Do No Really Run Out

It is also available in 4 different sizes starting from the 21-inch carry on to larger 29-inch version. You can also get them as a set if you want it to expand for all your stuff.

Excellent Handle Makes Things Easier

It comes with a very grippy and extendable handle make it easier to hold and carry. It also comes with other carrying option while you need them.

Great Value For Price

Price is not something you should concern for buying a Maxlite 4 mid-level luggage. And even the carry-on is enough for you to take the stuff for your shorter professional trips by carrying them along with your in the overhead bin without really entrusting them to the authority.

Watch this Video that compares Travelpro Luggage Maxlite 4 & Delsey Helium Aero

Read Delsey Helium Aero Reviews 2019

Extra Efficient Exterior

Not a hardcase luggage yet its unique exterior construction is really made to be durable. The top layer of the case is made with foam and the honeycomb frame making the exterior strong without adding much weight. It also has the added extra ‘skins’ to protect it from any damage that questions its durability and also keeping it look newer and last longer.

Wheels Moving You With Joy

The spinner wheels are really a joy to move this around any direction without making you bothered about putting efforts. A little push with the finger is just enough to maneuver it. You can experience it best while it is held upright. Especially, the extendable handle with two heights makes it perfect for small, average or tall people.

However –

As we said earlier, Travelpro is one of the popular choices as the best luggage for international travel and tours for airline employees. However, there are issues which some people feel to be inconvenient in some way like not having a small exterior pocket to hold little stuff. The large exterior pocket is too large for putting things like boarding pass or pen as they might get lost in it. But having a big exterior pocket is not a bad option either for your tablet or laptop.

Our Opinion

All in all, you just have enough reasons to pick it as one of the best luggage for travel, especially for your professional trips. With more space and durability, you can not just go wrong with this.

Delsey Helium Aero

If you are a frequent traveler looking around for different travel experiences, you may have come across the scenario when you feel like you don’t just have the luggage you want. Especially, if you are an adult or professional then you have to be more choosy about picking up the luggage that can suit your age and personality. In that case, going for an inexpensive option will be a rather stupid one. You should actually aim for getting something more durable while having the desired professional looks. It should be able to withstand to any wanted situation that it might go through while traveling

Putting it last but not the least in our best travel luggage list is the one that matches the above standards – The Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner. This is neither expensive nor a cheap one.

Delsey Helium Aero

Available In Sizes

It is available in four sizes as well, two carry-ons allowing you to store in the overhead compartment and other two full-sized one that you can use as checked luggage.

Exterior With Sheer Excellence

The polycarbonate exterior is really up for any clumsy catastrophe you make it go through without showing any kind of wear and tear. With such reinforced exterior you might expect it to be heavy but in reality, it is enough lightweight still being a hardcase one. Thanks to the polycarbonate construction.

Great Pockets Outside

Another good thing is that they offer small exterior pockets to put stuff like a boarding pass, charging cable, toiletries etc. and they also the large one that allows you to externally access your laptop or tablet. It actually changes the norm of the past bags where you had to open the entire bag to get access to any of your stuff.

Being lightweight itself, it also makes things easy for you by allowing you to simply glide across. Simply get it pushed along by setting it upright.

Elegant Look

Helium Aero comes with some subdued color by not making things too flashy or patterned. The navy, silver or charcoal colors are the three colors you can pick your one from.

It Might Be Too Big

The big 29-inch might be a real big one to fit in the airline baggage compartment as it tends to fall outside for its wheels that add a little amount of height. So you may have to pay a fine for the hefty oversized bag.

Getting It Through Air Will Remove The Unwanted Odor

The hardcase luggage tends to provide unwanted odor sometimes. Especially, when it is new. So one thing you can do is to get it through sufficient natural air.

Buy Delsey Luggage Luggage Helium Aero Int'l Carry-on Exp. Spinner

Our Opinion

We think you can barely find any flaw that can actually stop you from going for the Helium Aero luggage. It certainly focuses to satisfy you with all of its amazing features and truly deserves to be one of the best travel luggage.


First of all, we would like to thank you for rolling it this far. However, we will not be stretching it further and go briefly about the conclusion. We just want to say that we did our best to bring you the best travel luggage recommendations from some of the top brands. We have included all the best travel bags solutions whether it is the best luggage for international travel, domestic travel, cruise travel or traveling by road. We are pretty sure that this list of ours does complete justice to the ‘best luggage 2018’ genre, as these are currently the top ones on the market. Getting one of them is not difficult either as you can easily buy these travel bags online. You will surely get the best deals for an Amazon suitcase than you try to get it otherwise. Finally, we believe that these travel luggage and suitcases will perform just as we described them here and thus increasing the level of trust on us.

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