Comparison Review: Hardside Versus Softside Luggage

Comparison Review Hardside Versus Softside Luggage

At times you get confused about choosing between two or more things. For such an instance, first, you need to understand the point of their distinction and how their distinct features will suit your requirements. This is no exception when choosing the best travel luggage as well. Suppose you explore the ins and outs of travel luggage. You will see a significant distinction between two commonly available luggage types: soft-side and hard-side. Choosing one between them is not the easiest of tasks, and maybe that’s why you are here to make us clear the mud for you by providing the best comparison review between the hard side and soft side luggage.

This distinction between these two is entirely self-explanatory, yet they are subject to further discussion to get a clear insight into the matter.

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However, the hard side and soft side luggage have their benefits, but to choose the best travel bag, you must understand how these benefits suit your requirements.

Softside Luggage – The Likely Reasons To Choose It

You can realize the type of this luggage by its name, but here we would like to give you a better idea about this. It is a Nylon or canvas-like baggage that is flexible under pressure. As a result, it doesn’t have that firm exterior like the hard side cases. Such an outer structure gives it advantages over the hard side cases. To clarify the reasons for selecting a piece of soft-side luggage, we will discuss some of its advantages below.

Flexibility Is The Key

It is made with canvas-like material, so soft side luggage is more flexible than the hard side counterparts. For this reason, they are great at fitting into tight spaces and collapsing to allow more space for other travel bags. They are also very much expandable; we have such an expandable one, the Samsonite Lift Spinner. An expandable case is an excellent option for travelers who want to bring back more than what they take along, and this saves them from the hassle of buying a second one.

Softer Yet Tougher

They come with reinforced shells underneath the exterior fabric, which gives them the kind of toughness along with the flexes making them perfect for going through any rough treatment while maintaining a soft side look. The Travel Pro Maxlite Spinner is one of our special mentions for a sweet side case, which has the kind of exterior capable of standing up to substantial uses despite being a soft side one.

Up and Ready For Some Trauma

Another great thing about canvas bags is that they are less likely to mark irreparably. It can be easily wiped with wet towel-like clothing if something gets on them. The soft cases are not affected by any dings or scrapes. Unlikely for many hard side cases unless they are made with a texture that blends the blemishes.

Hardside Luggage – Likely Reasons To Choose It

Hardside luggage, on the other hand, is available in two different styles, the hard side ones, and the hard case ones. The hard side luggage has a hard shell outside that is not made to be entirely reliable as much as it is less likely to flex with a design like this. In the case of hard evidence, it is a limited and secure option that is more likely to be used for protecting your belongings than canvas-like soft-side luggage. However, a good collision can still damage your stuff inside.

The Rockland Melbourne 3-piece set is a perfect example of such structured hard-side luggage that has a versatility of various external textures.

Rigidity – Protection Comes Prior

As we said, the hard-side cases are inflexible and rigid options that do not bend under any decent pressure. One such rugged beast is the Samsonite Fiero HS Spinner. This travel bag is generally made of polycarbonate material, and they don’t provide many external frills in terms of expansion or pockets. The shell is great for protecting all the contents inside the case, making you worry-free about packing breakables.

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Hardside Versus Softside Luggage: A Comparative Review

  • As it is inflexible for some good reasons, the hard side cases can also be inconvenient. But this inconvenience is for the betterment of the users. For instance, they do not offer any exterior pocket, unlike the softside ones. However, having an exterior pocket is very helpful for many people to put things like their wallet, charger, and boarding pass, and get them without opening the entire case. But this is not something you can do with hard-side luggage as they are more dedicatedly made for the security of your belongings.
  • Another issue that you should note is the hard cases don’t come with a variety of options in terms of luggage sizes like outside ones.
  • The soft-sided luggage can expand reasonably by unzipping some extra space. Except for some sets like Desley Helium Aero Expandable Spinner, most hard-side ones do not allow undoing for extra space and any real expansion.
  • One of the most common complaints about hard case luggage is that they are quickly vulnerable to wear and tear. Softside bags have that flex not to show any wear and tear and sustain the same structure even after getting banged into a wall. But you can realize how serious the mark could be if you do the same with hard side ones, which may stay for the whole luggage life.
  • Even the hard-side cases that offer some flexibility are not free from the possibility of getting scratches or dents. Usually, this is somewhat unapparent in the case of the soft case options, and for hard facts, the cut is quite improbable to get out.

How To Go About The Comparison

One word that is coming around and around is ‘flexibility.’  But regardless of the flexibility in either of the luggage, one thing we can ensure is that they have a sturdy exterior despite having some distinctions. To get this sturdiness in your luggage, you need to get something from a reputed brand without going for anything cheap. Cheap bags are more likely to fall apart or show tears outside. More importantly, the reputed luggage manufacturers always focus on quality for both the hard and soft side luggage. 


Having discussed some critical aspects of both luggage options, we can say they have their purpose to serve. If you are someone who generally travels carrying some special packing in the baggage of a plane, you should go for those sturdy hard-side options. However, you may find some functional and cosmetic issues with hard-side luggage that can overlook if security comes before anything for you. If you want something more flexible and functionally sound without being too bothered about the safety limitations, then you are good to go with the softside luggage. To find the best options in each category, please see our reviews on the best bags in 2020 and buy travel bags online.

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