Delsey Helium Aero Reviews 2020

Delsey Helium Aero

If you are a frequent traveler looking around for different travel experiences, you may have come across the scenario when you feel like you don’t just have the luggage you want. Especially, if you are an adult or professional then you have to be more choosy about picking up the luggage that can suit your age and personality. In that case, going for an inexpensive option will be a rather stupid one. You should aim for getting something more durable while having the desired professional looks. It should be able to withstand to any wanted situation that it might go through while traveling

Putting it last but not the least in our best travel luggage list is the one that matches the above standards – The Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner. This is neither expensive nor a cheap one.

Delsey Helium Aero

Available In Sizes

It is available in four sizes as well, two carry-ons allowing you to store in the overhead compartment and other two full-sized ones that you can use as checked luggage.

Exterior With Sheer Excellence

The polycarbonate exterior is really up for any clumsy catastrophe you make it go through without showing any kind of wear and tear. With such reinforced exterior, you might expect it to be heavy but in reality, it is enough lightweight still being a Hardcase one. Thanks to the polycarbonate construction.

Great Pockets Outside

Another good thing is that they offer small exterior pockets to put stuff like a boarding pass, charging cable, toiletries, etc. and they also the large one that allows you to externally access your laptop or tablet. It changes the norm of the past bags where you had to open the entire bag to get access to any of your stuff.

Being lightweight itself, it also makes things easy for you by allowing you to simply glide across. Simply get it pushed along by setting it upright.

Elegant Look

Helium Aero comes with some subdued color by not making things too flashy or patterned. The navy, silver or charcoal colors are the three colors you can pick your one from.

It Might Be Too Big

The big 29-inch might be a real big one to fit in the airline baggage compartment as it tends to fall outside for its wheels that add a little amount of height. So you may have to pay a fine for the hefty oversized bag.

Getting It Through Air Will Remove The Unwanted Odor

The Hardcase luggage tends to provide unwanted odor sometimes. Especially, when it is new. So one thing you can do is to get it through sufficient natural air.

Buy Delsey Luggage Luggage Helium Aero Int'l Carry-on Exp. Spinner

Our Opinion

We think you can barely find any flaw that can stop you from going for the Helium Aero luggage. It certainly focuses to satisfy you with all of its amazing features and truly deserves to be one of the best travel luggage.

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