Urban Journey – For passionate travelers

urban journey

For passionate travelers, there is nothing more pleasurable than making an entrance into one of Europe’s top urban cities. Nothing truly replaces that ecstatic feeling; the breath of different air, taking pictures with outstanding monuments and places one could only see on the internet or in magazines. Travelers most of the time are found touring […]

Croatia Travel Guide

Croatia Travel guide

Sunny beaches, irresistible seafood, summer weather, mountains, and its share of medieval cities and historical ruins – Croatia, located in Eastern Europe is a holiday-makers delight. This vibrant country situated on the coastline of the Adriatic Sea as one of the top travel destinations of Europe since the War of independence held in the 1990s. […]

All About The Airline Carry On Luggage

Airline Carry On Luggage

You may be someone whose vacation has either started or ended but one thing that you have to do in either case is to start packing things before you plan to fly. If air traveling is something you are not much aware of, especially about the airline rules and regulations, then you certainly need to […]