Best Mountain Hunting Boots – Reviews of 2020

Best Mountain Hunting Boots – Reviews of 2020

Nothing comes even close to the feeling you will get when you’re high in the mountains, searching everywhere at the spectacular view you can only see when high up. Also, to top it all off, you have a gun in your hands, going after sheep or hill goats, and you have shooting boots, just awesome.

Mountain hunting is a unique passion. The terrain is critical and makes the experience different from what you may be familiar with in regular hunting. It’s a test of both your health and your firing ability.

And that’s the reason why you need the best mountain hunting boots.

What are the Best Mountain Hunting Boots?

Mountain hunting boots are similar to outdoor boots, other than those built with mountain conditions under consideration. They must be lightweight, durable, and waterproof. Ok, I’ll explain.

The mountains have a very rugged and rough terrain. In a few places, rocks are just out of the ground, and quite often, the soil is simply a big rock. Good mountain boots contain high scratching resistance and don’t wear away easily.

They must be lightweight to give flexibility. You most likely have a large pack on your back, and you’re trudging up a high ascent – heavy boots could be the last thing you want.

They should be water-proof as you might be traversing creeks or streams. Additionally, it could rain when you’re wandering all over in the mountains. Water-proof boots protect against water from leaking in.

Those are a few qualities to watch out for in the best mountain hunting boots. The rest I will point out in the reviews that follow.

Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Ni Hunting Boot (Men’s)

If you’re looking for a boot that can manage rugged terrain, read this review of 10-inch Kenetrek Mountain hunting boots, the best men’s hunting boots from my point of view. It is made from top-quality, durable material that withstands harsh environmental/topographical conditions.

The boot is made of just one piece vamp of 2.8 mm top-grain natural leather. As a result, it’ll be hard for the vamp of this boot to leak, and it will take a long time before deterioration starts to catch it. Beneath the siren is a stiff midsole made from nylon.

The mid-soles are 7 mm thick, which is good, cushiony support for the feet when struggling uphill and striding down rocky, steep mountain terrain. In addition, this thick layer of rigid nylon will soak up the shock that would have generally sunk in your feet, making your hiking experience much better to bear.

And under the mid-soles are the lightweight K-talon out-soles, that is good for steep mountain terrain due to their high traction. They’ll save you from unwanted falls. Where some other shoes might slip, sending you ramming to the ground or crumbling down the ascent, these boots’ out-soles grip the earth firmly, ensuring you have the traction you want to maintain stability.

What you’ll love about these boots is just how comfortable they are. The feet will be snug and cozy even in warm weather due to a breathable, flexible, waterproof Windtex membrane. Furthermore, they’re lightweight at 3.9 pounds per pair, which is appealing. While you lug your stuff along the hill, you don’t want shoes that could weigh you down!

Highlighted Features:​

  • Lightweight K-talon out-soles with excellent traction
  • 2.8 mm top grain leather vamp without a seam going down the tongue
  • 7 mm nylon mid-soles
  • Reinforced rubber sole guard increases abrasion resistance
  • Waterproof hunting boots with Windtex Membrane; flexible, breathable
  • Lightweight: weighs 3.9 pounds a pair


Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Insulated Hunting Boot (Men’s)

Once you break them in, you won’t want to take off these 10-inch Kenetrek mountain hunter boots. They are light (4.2 pounds) and comfy. However, they are not immediately comfortable. After giving them about 10 or 20 miles, you will have broken them in, and the stiff nylon midsole will grow accustomed to the shape of your feet. After that, you will be pretty attached to the boots, preferring them for all your excursions on hilly terrains.

The boot is specially made to help you conquer rugged terrains and is suitable for hikers, campers, hunters, and others who tackle challenging terrain. The out-soles are lightweight K-talons and give you enough traction to walk securely along the steep ascents and inclines.

The rubber soles will add a spring to your stride; plus, they make the shoe light, so trudging up the hillside will not be a terrible chore.

The shoes are also quite durable. The mountains and hills are untamed regions, with rocks sticking out of the ground. If your shoes are not suited to such an environment, the roughness of the terrain will gradually eat away at them, and before you know it, they are worn down at crooked angles.

The reinforced rubber sole guard protects them from abrasion so that you can walk on the rocky ground with freedom and enthusiasm.

And on the same note of abrasion resistance, the 2.8 mm thick full-grain leather uppers consist of a single piece of a vamp with no seams along the tongue. It also makes the boot waterproof. So puddles after the rain won’t faze you; neither will any water bodies you might encounter during your hike.

Highlighted Features:​

  • 2.8 mm thick full-grain leather uppers with no seam along the tongue
  • 7 mm nylon mid-soles
  • Flexible, breathable, waterproof Windtex membrane and 400 grams of Thinsulate insulation
  • Lightweight K-talon out-soles
  • Reinforced rubber sole guard
  • It weighs 4.2 pounds a pair

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Smoky Mountain Waterproof Men’s Hunter Boot

Sound insulation is one of the essential things in an outdoor shoe. It will protect your feet when the weather gets cold. You must consider the outdoor activity you will be engaging in when looking for an outdoor boot.

The best insulation you can get for footwear is Thinsulate insulation. Unfortunately, when a shoe’s manufacturer says that it’s insulated, but you don’t see a Thinsulate tag, it is most likely cheap foam insulation.

This Smoky Mountain hunting boot has Thinsulate insulation, 400 grams worth.

One of the benefits of Thinsulate insulation is that it breathes; it also ensures that the shoe’s temperature is constant – or at least more regular than you can expect from cheap foam insulation.

As long as you keep active outside, the 400 grams of insulation you get from this boot is enough.

This hunting boot is ideal for all kinds of weather or terrain conditions. Should it rain and you have to step into the pools of water, or if you have to wade through a stream at some point, the boot will not be harmed; neither will it let water into the boot. It has a waterproof membrane that keeps out the water to keep your feet dry.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Leather
  • 400 grams Thinsulate insulation
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Cordura Nylon upper in True Timber Camo Print

Rainbow Finch Outdoor Durable Double-deck Hunting Gaiters

When you go mountain hunting or climbing, you will likely encounter all kinds of weather. That’s why you need to be highly prepared. These Rainbow Finch outdoor gaiters will go well with any other boots I have reviewed in this article. They are built to withstand all kinds of weather and protect your feet.

The gaiters are remarkably prolific and versatile in the roles they perform. They are fit for hunting, climbing, and hiking. They will take you through rain, mud, and pools of water and even protect you when trudging through snow.

They have a compact design, making it relatively easy to put them on and take them off. And then you are off searching for adventure in the mountains and woods with excellent protection for your boots, trousers, and feet.

The gaiters are waterproof and will come in handy when you have to cross a stream or walk through puddles of rainwater. They will keep out the mud and water, giving you a sense of freedom even when the weather is terrible, and the terrain is muddy. In addition, they protect your trousers and boots from rain and mud.

Plus, they also serve as windbreakers. You put on the gaiters around your ankles, and they protect your legs from wind chill and light rain.

These leg cover wraps have a waterproof zipper that you can zip up to get the room for your legs to breathe. When the sun is out, and the air is all sultry or scorching, you will be thankful for the relief this gives. And when you close the zipper, you have a pocket.

They are made from high-quality, durable, double-layer, breathable nylon fabric. The double layer of these warmest hunting boots keeps you warm during the winter. They go well with some best mountain hunting boots, hiking boots, and even ski boots. And they will prevent the entry of dirt, snow, and rocks into your shoes.

  • Waterproof, Windbreak, Breathable, Double layer
  • Have an adjustable elastic band and snap fastener to enable convenient, firm bundling
  • Zipper open = breathable room for your leg; Zipper close = pocket
  • Length : 17.1″, Upper Perimeter : 19.7″, Lower Perimeter : 18.8″,1.7”


Kenetrek Women’s Mountain Extreme-Insulated Hunting Boot​

Hunting and hiking are all-American activities that transcend gender. As such, there are many women hikers and hunters among us, and they need good, durable mountain boots too. This Kenetrek hunting boot was made in response to the demand for the best mountain hunting boots in women’s sizes.

The boots don’t have that much of a difference from men’s boots. The design is lightly trimmer, and the heel narrower to properly fit most women’s feet. You can expect excellent support, fit, and comfort with these Kenetrek Hunting Boots.

The boots will keep your feet warm during the winter or on cold nights outdoors. The 400 grams of Thinsulate insulation will see to that.

They are lightweight at 3.2 pounds per pair and won’t weigh you down when trudging up a mountain slope. You will be agile and flexible and able to act quickly, especially if you have spotted a game.

And you don’t have to worry that the rough terrain will wear them down. These Kenetrek boots are built to take punishment. They thrive on the road less traveled. In addition, Kenetrek subjects its products to rigorous tests to ensure that they give you high-quality performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rubber sole, Leather body
  • 1-1/4-inch heel-¾-inch platform
  • Boot opening = approximately 13 inches around
  • Women’s size
  • 400 grams of Thinsulate insulation
  • Lightweight, at 3.2 pounds a pair
  • 2.5mm thick full-grain leather uppers comprising a single piece vamp which has no seams down the tongue


Some other best mountain hunting boots for you





Mountain Hunting Gear: Things to Know

There is a specific set of gear you should remember to carry along with your best mountain hunting boots when you go hunting, and I will name a few of these and tell you why they are essential.

1. Boot gaiters – Possibly, you have a pretty good idea of what a boot gaiter is, as well as what role it plays. Many people won’t wear gaiters simply because they think they make them look hilarious, but they’re worth it. Believe me. You don’t want your trouser legs getting muddy and rocks and dirt entering your boots.

Boot gaiters will even guard your legs against wind chill and light rainfall. Good gaiters assist you in all climates, from rainy to snowy.

2. Trekking pole – When you’re hunting in the mountains, you will encounter rivers, creeks, and daunting rock slides; all that you’ve to cross, the trekking pole makes your down-going a less strenuous task as it minimizes the burden the knees have to bear when you’re carrying a heavy backpack.

3. Spotting scope – While hunting game in the mountains, optics are crucial, specifically if you are hunting mountain sheep and goats.

4. Rain gear – There’s no uglier feeling than ending up caught in the rain alone in the wilderness up in the mountain. Have waterproof rain gear to shield yourself during rain. You don’t desire to return home with pneumonia. Apart from this, with good rain gear, you’ll be less inclined to give up the hunt.

These are merely a couple of things making your mountain hunting experience a little bit easier. Everybody has an individual gear list with everything they think they need to carry. Maybe it’s an emergency first aid kit, an extra set of natural cotton socks, a glassing pad, sealed matchboxes, or a binocular chest pouch. Eventually, it’s your decision and personal preferences.

Final Verdict

Precisely what do you prefer most about mountain hunting? To me, it’s a mixture of freedom as I’m so high and thrilled because I’m hunting.

You’ll need a pair of the best mountain hunting boots for whatever reason. Read the ones I have just reviewed – one or more of hunter boots’ reviews should have piqued your curiosity.

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