Find The Best Lightweight Baby Stroller On Amazon

best lightweight baby stroller

You can’t ignore the fact that your toddler loves to move and breathe in the fresh air. And to see his or her smile while roaming outside is probably the most precious thing for any parent. So how do you move along with your newborn? Or, how easy it’s to get a cozy nest on the move, so the sleep isn’t disturbed? The answer is pretty simple, get the best lightweight baby stroller that can help to transport newborn babies efficiently, safely, and conveniently.

To round up the most convenient baby buggies for your infant or toddler, we’ve evaluated several top quality baby strollers. And finally, we have a list for the best baby strollers you can check out on Amazon. The factors we’ve considered in this include features such as the lightweight nature, safety measures, convenience of folding and storing, value, and ease of use. So all the recommended strollers we’ve picked here should be well worth your money. Along with the reviews, we’ll also be checking out the types of baby strollers, some FAQs, and a buyer’s guide following the review section. Let’s start!

Types of Baby Strollers

Lightweight Or Umbrella Strollers

The lightweight baby strollers are the most convenient on-the-go options. These types of strollers weigh less, and some may pack up slim, just like the umbrellas. They’re designed for portability and comes out great for traveling. If you go out pretty often and need your baby to have by you, these are the ones to check out. They seemed a little flat to carry the newborns, but some modern versions have done well to take both the infants and the toddlers alike.

Jogging Strollers

Jogging strollers are the go-to options for active parents. It’s the kind of stroller to take the babies out while jogging. These strollers come with superior suspension, helping you jog, hike, or walk. They mostly offer inline with three wheels and has the locking swivel front wheel. Also, they’re generally compatible with the car seat and have deep reclining seats, telescoping handlebars, and storage baskets.

Double Strollers

Double strollers are the ideal option for growing families. If you are blessed with twins or have a toddler who still wants to ride on the stroller, you can have the double strollers to take both of your children by having them sit behind one another or sit side-by-side. Some even have the standing option for a third, little older child. For that, you need to check out the best triple stroller.

Combination Strollers

The Combination Baby Strollers are the ones you can adjust depending upon the needs of the growing baby. Like you can change the direction of the seat or combine them with different accessories like car seats. So they’re highly convenient and can make the strolling ride more fun for you, kid.

Travel Systems

If you have an infant car seat and want to move the sleeping baby without waking him or her up, the stroller you need to get is the travel systems stroller. They offer an easy-connect (the built-in adapter usually does that) to pair the infant car seat and the stroller together.


Do you need a baby buggy?

Probably, you do. Because a baby buggy will help you stay with your child most of the time as it allows you to can take your child with you for a walk in the streets, shopping in the malls, roaming around the park, traveling overseas, and more. A baby buggy can help your child have a fun ride and also help him or her fall asleep on the go.

When do you need a stroller?

You can have a stroller right after the birth of your baby. Generally, the baby buggy can hold the infants up to the toddlers and babies weighing around 50 lbs. So you know what could be the right time to go for a stroller.

Bassinet or 180 Degree Recline, which one you need?

Going for either the bassinet or full-recline stroller mostly depends on the age of your baby. If your baby is an infant and ages less than four months, you can check out the bassinet baby buggies. And for toddlers, you can go for the recline seat strollers.

Why do some baby jogger strollers have one front wheel, and some have two?

You’d mostly find the 3-wheel baby jogger strollers in the market, which consists of two larger wheels at the back for more stability and one swivel front wheel with a locking system for convenient maneuverability. Having one front wheel makes it easy to navigate your way over bumpy and all-terrain grounds.

The two front wheel strollers are called the double jogging strollers, which are great for families having two children. They provide more stability and sturdiness, making it safer to ride. One of its wheels is a fixed front wheel, while the other one offers maneuverability.

How to buy the best stroller?

There is a good amount of baby buggy available on the market. If you’re considering buying them online, then it’d be a smart decision to make. And what could be better than Amazon to buy the best lightweight baby stroller online? But remember to consider the buying factors such as type of stroller, price, quality & versatility of components,  safety certification, convenience & comfortability factor, and so on.

15 Best Lightweight Baby Stroller Reviews

UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller – Jake (Black)

2018 UPPAbaby G LUXE Stroller Best Lightweight Baby Stroller

The UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller comes out as one of the best lightweight baby strollers out there. You can easily carry the bigger toddlers as well. It’s comfortable, stylish and has some excellent features to check out

Convenient Carry Strap 

This UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller also has a convenient shoulder strap to make it comfier to carry your toddler. You can take your child safely and comfortably, even on the bumper terrains.

Lightweight & Flexible

The factor we’ve prioritized here is the lightweight frame. This UPPABaby baby stroller comes with a lightweight aluminum frame. It also provides excellent flexibility that every parent wants. There’s easy-to-open design allowing the parents to start running errands or catching the sights with their child resting comfortably in the nest.

Foldable Design

The G-LUXE stroller comes with the hand-level triggers that make it convenient to fold by merely using the fingers. And you don’t require any foot action at all. Once you fold it, you’d find it standing on its own. So it’s a space saver stroller as well.

2018 UPPAbaby G LUXE Stroller

Large & Spacious

If your baby is more than three months old, you must check out this large cozy nest for transporting your kid most conveniently. It can even hold the preschoolers who weigh up to 55 lbs. It can be an excellent pram for bigger kids and can be considered as a stroller for 5-year-old kids or even the 6-year-old ones. It’s large, spacious, and includes an easy-access basket that can hold up to 10 pounds of daily essentials required for your baby.

Extendable SPF 50+ sunshade

G-LUXE comes with a fully adjustable canopy to create an extended SPF 50+ sunshade to shield the child from any harmful UV rays. So it ensures comfort for your little champ even in the sunniest of days.

More Convenient Features

There’s more to the convenience of this fantastic baby stroller. It comes with a plush padded seat and adjustable footrest to create the ultimate cozy nest for your newborn baby.

There’s also a storage basket and a parent cup holder so that you can have a quick snack & drink while out for a walk.

Its lockable front wheels, along with the sturdy construction, ensures safe transportation for your kid.

What Customers Say

It seems to be a top pick for the parents looking for the best lightweight baby stroller. Some of its most liked features are the lightweight structure, safe wheels, convenient strap and affordability, superior canopy coverage, padded & comfy seat, and so on. Parents who look to travel with the kid can easily consider this for a good buy.

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Summer 3Dflip Convenience Stroller

Black/Gray – Lightweight Umbrella Stroller with Reversible Seat Design for Rear and Forward Facing, Compact Fold, Adjustable Oversized Canopy and More

Summer 3Dflip Convenience Stroller Best Lightweight Baby Stroller

The next one we have is the Summer 3Dflip Convenience Stroller, a worth consideration in the list of the best lightweight baby stroller. Being lightweight, this umbrella stroller is a highly convenient option to travel along with your kid. Let’s check out some of its features here.

Lightweight Structure

The Summer Infant is a prominent brand and its 3DFlip is designed for the ultimate convenience of the kids and parents alike. It’s a lightweight stroller that can make any outing super easier. It comes with an aluminum frame that weighs too little to bother. Yet, it’s durable and has a larger seat area to make it perfectly comfy for you and your kid.

Safety Features

You can’t take any risk with the safety of your toddler when you’re out. To help prevent any mishaps, it comes with anti-shock front wheels supported by the toe-tapping rear wheel lock system. Now don’t let the stroller move without your permission.

Reversible Seat Design

Another exclusive feature to check out on the Summer 3Dflip Convenience Stroller is its reversible seat design. When the baby is younger, it allows the baby to face you so that you can interact with your infant better. But when he or she grows older, the stroller can let the baby see the world and things going around. When folded, the stroller measures 40.38” H x 13″ L x 9.50” W.

Summer 3Dflip Convenience Stroller

Convenient Applications 

Whether you’re up for a trip or running the daily errands, this compact and lightweight stroller can help you have your kid by your side all the time. You can use it as both the travel and everyday stroller option. This convenience stroller is designed to accommodate different road applications as well.

Comfy Recline Positions

It’s about making it a comfy experience for your child. With the Summer Convenience Stroller, you get a super convenient six-position recline (three rear and three forward facings). It also includes the infant head support and five-point safety harness. So it’s an excellent option for naptime travel and strolls. It can hold a max weight of 25 lbs rear-facing and 50 lbs forward-facing.

Adjustable Canopy & More

This lightweight umbrella stroller comes with an oversized canopy that can be adjusted with one hand, providing full-protection to your kid on the sunny days. It also has a peek-a-boo window allowing your kid to rejoice more. Make sure the head of the child remains in the center of the headrest sides.

It also has a parent cup holder and a side storage pocket to help the parents with quick-access essentials in the outings.

What Customers Say

This amazon’s choice convenience stroller from Summer Infant is highly impressive out there. From the fantastic user response, you can easily say it to be one of the best lightweight baby strollers to buy online. People find this stroller to be very much sturdy, convenient, functional, and most of it all, a super-affordable one.

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UPPAbaby Vista – Jake (Black/Carbon)

 2017 UPPAbaby Vista Best Lightweight Baby Stroller

Are you thinking of getting a baby stroller that grows with your family? You can’t get anything better than the UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller. It combines quality and versatility with multiple configurations to adapt to the growing needs of various family sizes. Let’s find out more about this one of the most versatile and best lightweight baby strollers here.

Lightweight Yet Durable Performance

As we’ve been looking for the best lightweight baby stroller, The UPPAbaby Vista is the brand to watch out. It combines aluminum and magnesium to keep it lightweight while providing durable performance. The shock-absorbing front and rear suspension add to the structural integrity of this stroller.

Carry Multiple Kids

This stroller includes toddler seat, bassinet, rain shield, and bug shield for both bassinet and toddler seat. The Toddler Seat features a 180-degree recline with one hand. So you can place the stroller seat and infant car seat in different convenient positions.

This baby stroller comes with an additional seat and Piggyback Ride-Along Board. It’s not an issue anymore to transport your second or even the third child. So here you have the best triple stroller if that’s something you’re looking for.

2017 UPPAbaby Vista

Versatile Bassinet Features

There are handy bassinet features that include vented base, perforated mattress pad, and canopy for more breathability. You can remove the bassinet boot cover and inner liner, and wash them in the machine. The Vista Bassinet is approved to help your baby for overnight sleep using the bassinet stand accessory. Considering these features, it’s worth considering this baby buggy as the best bassinet stroller coming in a lightweight design.

Ultimate Coziness

To ensure the coziest nest for your child, it includes a one-handed adjustable handlebar. There’s also premium leather cover in the select fashions pivoting bumper bar, including neoprene.

There’s an Extendable UPF 50+ Sunshade to protect your kid from heat and harmful sunlight. Its adjustable canopy also has a Peek-a-boo window helping your child to stay comfier. Its unfolded dimensions are 25.7” W x 36” L x 39.5” H.

More Details

The Vista Stroller has an easy-access basket that can hold up to 30lbs. It’s also compatible with MESA Infant Car Seat with direct attachment. There’s also an adjustable handle, perfect for anyone to carry. The stroller is collapsible, which makes it easier to store, and when it collapsed, it can stand on its own.

What Customers Say

People find this UPPABaby Vista to be an excellent double stroller to carry more than one baby with ease. It’s sturdy and light enough, considering as a double stroller. It also comes out on top regarding comfortability, convenience, and safety.

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Chicco Viaro Quick-Fold Stroller, Graphite

Chicco Viaro Quick Fold Stroller Best Lightweight Baby Stroller

It’s time to check out another Amazon’s Choice for the best lightweight baby stroller. It’s the Chicco Viaro Quick-Fold Stroller that comes with a lightweight structure and provides ultimate convenience to take your child for an outing.

Excellent Design & Construction

The Chicco Viaro Stroller is designed and constructed for the ultimate satisfaction of the parents and kids alike. It comes with a lightweight aluminum structure and a sleek three-wheel design. This stroller also allows for the one-hand quick fold for added convenience.

There are a pull-strap and button that can help to tuck it under the seat easily. It also allows easy activation simultaneously for a compact and free-standing fold and then opening it back.

For Toddlers & Younger Babies

Whether you have toddlers or little younger babies, it has some comfy features for both. And don’t bother even if you have twins to carry as this baby buggy can well be called the Chicco Twins Stroller. The Chicco Viaro features an adjustable canopy to keep your toddler protected from the harsh environments. Its multi-position backrest ensures an optimal position that your kid likes to stay in.

There’s also a detachable tray that comes with two cup holders. For younger babies, the Viaro makes it convenient by accepting all KeyFit & Fit2 infant car seats with simple click-in attachment.

Chicco Viaro Quick Fold Stroller

More Convenience

The Viaro has more to its convenient features. There’s a padded handle for easy carrying. The parent tray with two cup holders and the quick-access basket can help to keep the readily available essentials.

The swiveling front wheel with suspension helps to maintain a stable and smooth ride from surface to surface. When you don’t want the stroller to move, use the high-quality toe-tap rear brakes to keep it safely parked.

If you’re on a budget and looking for the best stroller for 1-year-old under 200 dollars, this has to be a worthy option to consider.

What Customers Say

The Chicco Viaro baby stroller seems to be a worthy consideration as the best lightweight baby stroller. The parents seem to be impressed for quite some reasons that include its easy operation, smooth-rolling, compatibility with the Keyfit car seat, adjustable canopy, comfortable seat and handle, and more.

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Bugaboo Bee5 Complete Stroller

Black/Sunrise Yellow – Compact, Foldable Stroller for Travel and Urban Life. Easy to Steer on City Streets & Tight Turns! The Most Popular Lightweight Stroller!

bugaboo bee the urban stroller best lightweight baby stroller

The Bugaboo Bee5 is a lightweight buggy weighing less than 20 lbs. It’s compact, elegant and has some excellent features to impress both and your baby as a companion for the outings. Let’s take a better look at its features below.

Travel-Friendly Features

Bugaboo comes with the most compact and lightest stroller you can get around. So its super-friendly to navigate the city or take a trip to your child’s favorite place. It provides seamless storage with simple, one-handed fold, making it an ideal travel option. It’s a great space saver to have at home or in the car while traveling.

Ultimate Comfort

The Bee stroller comes with a design to ensure the ultimate comfortability of your child. It comes with a super-comfy plush seat and extendable backrest and footrest and customizes the fit as the baby grows. The reversible seat design allows your baby to face either you or the world whatever he or she likes.

Excellent Height-Adjustable Handlebar

For the convenience of the parents, it comes with the height-adjustable handlebar having black, luxurious Faux Leather Grips. Whatever your height is, you can make yourself comfortable by raising or lowering the handlebar with a few easy clicks. So you can have easy control over the stroll.

bugaboo bee the urban stroller

Premium Quality

For a safe ride of your toddler, the foldable strollers experience more than 1,500 safety tests. So safety is the priority, and it comes with functional buttons that can withstand clicks up to 100,000 times.

It also includes soft and durable fabrics that you can put in the washing machine for convenient cleaning.

Ultimate Protection

The Bugaboo Bee5 comes with some excellent accessories to keep your child stay protected from harsh weather conditions like direct sunlight and sleet or strong winds. It includes a water repellent UPF 50+ Sunshade that keeps harmful rays from the delicate skin and eyes of your child.

The extendable shade can also create a cozy nook so that the infant can take a nap on the go. It also has a rain cover that helps to enjoy the outing regardless of the weather.

Car Seat Compatibility

This infant or toddler convenience stroller is the perfect option for parents on the go. It can accommodate newborns and toddlers up to 37.5lbs. And it includes wide compatibility with top car seat brands such as Chico, Maxi Cosi, Nuna, Britax, Peg Perego, and more.

There’s also the three-position recline system for maximum transportation convenience.

What Customers Say

The Bee5 is a top-rate baby stroller. People like its lightweight structure, sturdy construction, car-seat compatibility, extendable canopy, collapsibility, and the convenience of use. It claims to be a complete baby stroller, so make sure you are getting all the accessories included in the package.

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Baby Jogger City Select LUX Stroller

Baby Stroller with 20 Ways to Ride, Goes from Single to Double Stroller | Quick-Fold Stroller, Slate

Baby Jogger City Select LUX Stroller Best Lightweight Baby Stroller

Now we have the Baby Jogger City Select LUX Stroller, a baby stroller that can grow with your family. It can be used as a single or double stroller and has several configurations to make a convenient outing with your baby or babies. We’ll discuss this top-rated baby stroller in-details below.

More Configurations

The City Select Lux is a convertible stroller that can be transformed from single to double. It allows more riding options from most of its competitors, has more than 20 configurations to explore. Even that’s 25% more than the previous City Select version. There’s also a bench seat that can help your older child to hop on a ride. You can also add an infant pram, car seat, or second seat to support up to two children conveniently. So you can say it’s the stroller for big kids as well.

Ultimate Convenience

This lightweight baby stroller is designed for ultimate comfortability and convenience. Its seats reversible so that your child can lye front-facing/world facing, parent facing, and also sibling facing aside.

It’s a folding stroller that can fold 30 percent smaller than its predecessor, which is a significant improvement. It includes auto-lock, hand-operated decelerating, and parking brake. So it’s an all-in-one control option.

Baby Jogger City Select LUX Stroller

Superior Protection

There are also features for excellent control and protection. The all-terrain stroller comes with the all-wheel suspension & locking front swivel wheels to have better control over this baby stroller. Its telescoping handlebar is adjustable and can be convenient for users of any height. To keep you baby shaded and protected from the harsh weather, it has an extended UV50+ canopy having the peek-a-boo window. So it’s worth considering as the best all-terrain stroller to check out for your baby.

Additional Features

There is more to the excellence of this baby stroller. Its rotating calf support and a multi-position reclining seat with a five-point harness, help you easily adjust the comfort level of your baby. To store baby’s extras, you get two seatback pockets and a large storage basket. The seat is sturdy, and it can hold a child up to 45 lbs.

You can also customize your ride with some more convenience accessories like a child’s tray, car seat adapters, weather shield, and parent console.

What Customers Say

The parents find this City Select Lux to be an amazing double stroller that allows making different combinations and experiencing different ride options. Especially, who have more than one child find it as an excellent baby stroller for its versatile accessories and configurations, comfortable seat, superior canopy, safety measures, and convenience of use.

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Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller, Black (2016)

Summer Infant 3D lite Convenience Stroller Best Lightweight Baby Stroller

The 3Dlite Stroller from Summer is another contender for the best lightweight baby stroller. It’s a durable stroller that comes with a lightweight, stylish aluminum frame. It’s also one of the feature-rich and lightest convenience strollers you can find on the market. With a convenient carry strap and easy-to-fold, just be on-the-go with your baby like never before. Let’s check out more of this stroller here.

Compact & Air-Light

One of the reasons it ranks so high for us is its compact and air-light nature. The Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller comes with a durable aluminum structure weighing only13 lbs. It’s a travel-friendly baby stroller for people who travel frequently or simply have everyday errands to run for.

Moreover, it’s an easy compact fold stroller with a carry strap and auto-lock system. So you can easily store the lightweight umbrella stroller anywhere you want and take it along wherever you go.

Convenient Recline Seat with Five-Point Harness

3Dlite comes with an open design and easy-to-recline seat. The seat lays nearly flat and is so comfortable that it can be an ideal nest for napping or on-the-go diaper replacement. Its five-point harness allows easy adjustment up to three-height positions as the child grows. Also, there’s additional padding that allows your baby to have a comfortable ride. It can easily hold babies up to 43-inches taller and weighing up to 50 lbs.

Summer Infant 3D lite Convenience Stroller

Additional Storage

There’s plenty of storage with this amazing baby stroller. It comes with the extra-large storage basket that’s ideal for holding the oversized diaper bags. The rear storage pocket has perfect space for your cell phones and keys. You also get an integrated cup holder that allows a place to keep your baby bottle and beverage.

Adjustable Canopy

For more convenience, there’s the adjustable and removable canopy that comes with the stroller. It blocks the sensitive skin of your baby from harmful UV rays. Moreover, there’s also a pop-out sun visor that provides even better protection when the sun’s too hot.

What Customers Say

The Summer 3Dlite is an excellent convenience stroller, and there’s fantastic user feedback for this product. The babies also seem to be liking it because of its comfort factor regarding the seat and canopy. Parents also love its great storage as it helps them to take some additional items for their babies when they’re out. The price is also reasonable, and it should be a good option to consider as the best lightweight baby stroller.

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gb Pockit Stroller, Capri Blue

gb Pockit Stroller

We know you are here to find the best lightweight baby stroller, so we have the most lightweight and ultra-compact baby stroller to recommend. It’s the gb Pockit Stroller, that doesn’t only sound compact but is compact, and it also has some fantastic features to go with. Let’s have a look at more of this strong contender for the best lightweight stroller 2020.

The Most Ultra-Compact & Lightweight Stroller

The gb Pockit comes with an innovative two-step folding system. It has a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frame, and you can easily fold this stroller up into a compact and handbag shaped unit in seconds. The Pockit had even been in the Guinness World Records 2014 for being the most compact stroller that can fold down to 11.8” x 7” x 13.8” and weigh only 9.5 lbs.

Sturdy Built

You can’t ignore its sturdiness due to its compact size. It’s built with durable and high-quality materials having enough strength to support your baby. The Pockit has an excellent capacity to hold a child from six months and up to 55 lbs weights. So you can even consider this stroller for 6-year-old kids. Its convenient and large storage basket can also hold up to 11 lbs of gear.

Perfect Travel Companion

It’s an ideal travel assistant when you’re carrying your child for a day trip or extended travels. Pockit has become quintessential for the travel-loving parents who make local or overseas trips frequently. It stows away easily in the overhead bin of the plane or train, or even in the car.

gb Pockit Stroller Best Lightweight Baby Stroller

Secure & Adjustable

The Pockit is equipped with the right safety measures. Its protective comfort pads and stable safety belt allow you to set the stroller at different heights. You can also fasten or loosen the belt for a custom fit, allowing the stroller to grow with the child and make the coziest nest for him or her.

More Valuable Features

There are more valuable features to this baby stroller. There’s an easy and one-hand pushing & steering for more convenient operation. The padded handlebar adds to that convenience. It also has a sliding pack panel having adjustable torso length.

Its lockable front swivel wheels and rear-wheel parking brake give you the sense of protection for your baby. The overhead canopy ensures your baby stays protected from the harmful aspects of the environment.

What Customers Say

While looking for the best lightweight baby stroller, parents seem to be putting it on top of their consideration. It comes with a super-light and practical design. The larger storage basket, the convenient canopy, smooth-rolling wheels, secure wheel lock and brake, adaptable suspension, and convenience of operations add to the overall usefulness of this stroller.

Graco Modes Bassinet Stroller, Includes Reversible Seat, Hyde

Graco best lightweight baby stroller

Graco Modes Bassinet Stroller makes a great addition to our list of the best lightweight baby stroller. It’s a perfect stroller for the families who are looking for a baby carriage to grow with the child, from infancy to toddlerhood. Watch out for more about this 3 in 1 stroller here.

Excellent Versatility

It’s about three full-featured strollers in 1. The Graco stroller offers excellent versatility in riding options for infants and toddlers. With this carriage, you get an infant bassinet, an infant car seat carrier, and a toddler stroller. It’s also compatible with all Graco Click Connect car seats for infants.

Multiple Riding Options

There are various riding options and also three or five-point convertible harness. So you won’t have to look any further for a stroller. You get a total of nine riding options in this stroller to carry your baby from infancy to toddlerhood.

Graco Modes Bassinet Stroller

Amazing Reclining Seat & Maneuverability

The reclining seat of the Graco Modes can convert to an infant bassinet in both rear- and forward-facing positions to let your baby have the on-the-go comfort. Graco Click Connect Infant Car Seat can directly attach to the frame or seat of the stroller with a secure one-step attachment.

It also comes with locking single front-swivel wheels to have improved mobility.

Cozy & Shaded

It comes with a large canopy having a zipper extension providing maximum coverage from the sun so that your child can stay protected from harmful UV rays and feel cozy inside.

Convenient Storage

Graco features convenient storage options. It has a one-hand self-standing fold that provides the ultimate convenience for the parents on the go. It’s also one of the most convenient lightweight strollers with trays, for both the parents and child, each having two cup holders. There’s also an extra-large storage basket that allows you to keep the essentials nearby.

What Customers Say

Parents seem to be impressed with this multifunctional baby stroller. It works great, and the features are the same as advertised. The ultimate level of comfort and convenience makes people consider it one of the best strollers to get.

Babyzen YoYo+ Stroller Bundle (Yoyo+ Stroller, Canopy & Newborn Pack) Black

Babyzen YoYo Stroller Bundle Best Lightweight Baby Stroller

Here we have the Babyzen YoYo+ Stroller Bundle that can help you to travel far with your newborn most conveniently. It’s a tiny, lightweight stroller that can make it comfortable for you and your infant or toddler. It’s a top-rated stroller, and its features are worth watching out.

Foldable & Compact

This Babyzen stroller is a tiny, little one that can be a big help for your travels. This bite-sized stroller is also an airline-optimized one that can fold up compact enough to fit into the plane’s overhead bin. With the new features, you can even use the YoYo+ for your just born baby. Its folded dimensions are 52” x 44” x 18”.

Much-Needed Upgrade

The YoYo+ is an upgrade to its previous version. It comes with some notable improvements that include a sturdier reinforced frame that can carry a child up to 40 lbs. There’s also a new suspension for a smoother ride. With the new XXL storage basket, now you get 60% more space to store a bunch of essentials, and there’s also a new storage pouch for more extensive storage options.

Babyzen YoYo Stroller Bundle

Multi-Position Recline & Convenient Canopies

It comes with the unique pop-up canopy supporting three positions. These extendable canopies come as both the 0+ newborn pack and fabric set for 6mo+. The multi-position reclining seat with the five-point harness allows the infant to lay fully recline or the older babies to sit in a convenient position. The optional rear-facing lie-flat bassinet style seat can make it more comfortable for both you and your kid.

Additional Features

Regarding the additional features, there’s head support, and a foot cover for the newborns comes with this baby carriage. Its fabric is removable, and you can put it in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

What Customers Say

People find it to be a good stroller for newborns and toddlers. They are also happy with some of its excellent upgrades, and it seems to be a fantastic choice for the ones looking for the best lightweight baby stroller at an affordable price. So traveling with your baby isn’t an issue anymore.

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Joolz Hub Stroller – Nero

joolz hub best lightweight baby stroller

If budget isn’t an issue for you, why not check out a premium baby buggy? Joolz Hub Stroller is a compact, lightweight, and fully-equipped premium baby stroller for your toddler. Now make a move in style and have your baby rejoicing with this fantastic piece of the pram. We’ll take a look at more of its features below.


Joolz Hub comes with some excellent travel-friendly features. It’s compact, folds compact, and has a convenient strap for any mode of transport. This is also a self-standing stroller when folded and has the transport lock for added convenience. You can simply navigate in narrow or crowded space with one hand.

Ergonomic Seat

There are six ergonomic seat positions, including a reversible seat that comes with the stroller. So your little darling can either face you or the world in front. The seat comes fully reclinable for cozy naps, sleep, snooze, and sit.

Convenient Canopy

There’s also an extra-large canopy that comes with four panels. The XL Sunshade comes with UPF 50+ and excellent ventilation for peek-a-boo and pure air. Now keep your baby away from all those harmful rays.

joolz hub stroller

Premium Configurations

This Joolz Hub stroller comes with a seat, and you can combine it with additional configurations. Complete it with a cocoon or bassinet to get a suitable ride right from birth.

It’s also compliant with the most stringent certifications, regulations, and test standards in the world. They’re also free of toxic substances and chemicals that might be harmful to your baby.

Excellent Wheels

It features a four-wheel suspension with ultra-light, puncture-proof tires. The large rear wheels combine with the lockable front swivel wheels. So you can easily maneuver it.

More Features

There is more to this high-end baby stroller that allows carefree strolling until your baby grows up.  The adjustable handlebar ensures comfortable strolling for parents with every height. There are also five-point adjustable safety harness and easy-to-access one-touch brake that makes the ride safer and more convenient for your little one. The compact, one-motion, free-standing fold helps conveniently move for your trips and outings.

What Customers Say

 There’s no doubt that it’s a premium baby buggy and is worth considering as the best lightweight baby stroller. There’s almost nothing people seem to be complaining about this full-featured baby stroller.  For some, it seems to be overpriced, but for a feature-rich stroller like this, you don’t really mind paying some extra bucks.

Diono Quantum, 3-in-1 Luxury Stroller, Black

diono quantum best lightweight baby stroller

Next up in the list of the best lightweight baby stroller, we have the Diono Quantum, 3-in-1 Luxury Stroller. It’s a smart and premium baby buggy to have for your ultimate outings. It comes with some incredible features, and we’ll have a look at them below.

Super Easy To Fold

The ease of folding matters for a stroller especially, when you’re up for a trip. The Dino Quantum Luxury Stroller makes this complicated process a super easy and quick one for you. Its unique fold system allows you to fold at pace and also unfold effortlessly, saving your time and energy to be spent with your little darling.

Smart 3-in-1 Seat

It comes with an innovative and convertible 3-in-1 smart seat design. You can transform the carriage into a toddler seat by connecting the four clips. It’s a space saver carriage that requires no storage providing an all-in-one solution for your baby’s infancy to toddlerhood.

diono quantum baby stroller

Fantastic Canopy

The fantastic canopy of this Quantum pram gets your baby covered. It comes with a four-tier, eclipse-style canopy that’ll protect against every odd element of nature. There’s also a peek-a-boo window providing excellent ventilation panel for continuous airflow. Its pull-down sun visor for superior comfort all the time. So get your baby covered in any weather.

For Active Parents

The Quantum comes with an intuitive, parent-friendly one-step brake that’s designed for small and big shoes and is also flip-flop friendly. Simply step on and off to take the buggy to a smooth stop. The Diono Quantum 3-in-1 Multi-Mode Stroller can be an excellent gift for the expected parents who need to live life on the go.

What Customers Say

The Quantum is a parent-friendly stroller that people find as an excellent city stroller to travel with. The babies also seem to be happy with the ride. Its features work perfectly fine, and there’s hardly anything that goes wrong with that.

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Roan Rocco Classic Pram Stroller 2-in-1 with Bassinet and Seat Unit – Pearl

roan rocco best lighweight baby stroller Now we have the Roan Rocco Classic Pram Stroller, a multi-terrain stroller that offers modern style and optimal features to use anytime, anywhere you go. It’s a 2-in-1 baby stroller that comes with some fantastic features to check out.

2-In-1 Stroller

Roan Rocco is a classic, top-rated pram stroller to use from birth up to 3 years (for babies weighing as much as 40 lbs). It comes with a separate seat unit and also a bassinet, You can install it to let your baby face forward or rear direction.

Perfect Components & Accessories

There are some excellent components and accessories you get with this baby buggy. It has a folding chassis that comes with a comfortable suspension and rocking option. There are also a height-adjustable handlebar, 12.5” air-pumped wheels, and a large storage basket. So you don’t worry about getting a fully-equipped stroller.

roan rocco baby stroller

Comfortable Bassinet For Toddlers

It comes with a bassinet offering plenty of space measuring 31.5” L x14.7” W. Its comfort level allows your little one to sleep on an ideal flat surface during the initial period of spine development. It also comes with a mattress, knee cover, and convenient carry handles.

Ultimate Coziness

The stroller seat comes with adjustable footrest and backrest. Its five-point safety harness makes it perfectly cozy for your baby to have a preferred resting position. It also has a sun hood with proper ventilation for hot days. The 100 % Polyester fabric is also comfortable and durable.

What It Includes

This full-featured baby stroller makes it a perfect package. It includes a bassinet, chassis with wheels, side cover, mattress, all-weather cover, adjustable hood w/ ventilation, seat unit cover, and a diaper bag.

What Customers Say

Parents who love pram to take the baby for a ride or travel for some chores, find this to be an excellent option. It comes with some great additional features, and you should find it as a worthy consideration for the best lightweight baby stroller.

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Graco Verb Stroller | Lightweight Baby Stroller, Winfield

 graco verb stroller best lightweight baby stroller

Time to check out an Amazon’s Choice for budget baby strollers, it’s the Graco Verb Stroller. For the price and features, it won’t be wrong to consider it as the best lightweight baby stroller. Although it’s highly affordable, it doesn’t miss out on the key features that are wor checking out.

Click Connect Stroller

The Graco Verb Click Connect Stroller is meant for a stylish, smooth ride for your baby love. It comes with the Click Connect technology to accept SnugRide Click Connect infant car seats with a one-step attachment to create a custom travel system and even make it the ‘best travel system stroller 2020’. It’s secure and comes with an audible click to make you relaxed about your child’s safety.

Enjoyable Ride

The Graco Verb lightweight baby buggy has suspension along with a locking front-swivel wheel for a smoother and more enjoyable on most terrains. It also allows you to maneuver the pram easily while having superior control over it.

Lightweight & Travel-Friendly

The lightweight structure and travel-friendly features make it a joy to take out. It comes with a convenient one-hand, self-standing fold that closes quickly. Its carry strap makes it highly suitable for the parents on-the-go. It weighs less than 20 lbs, and you can have the maximum portability for any kind of trip.

graco verb stroller

Comfy Seat

It features a multi-position, reclining seat that makes a perfectly comfortable position for your baby. Its convertible three or five-point harness allows it to grow with your child.

More Convenience Features

There are more convenience features to check out on this stroller. It keeps both the parents and baby happy by including separate trays with cup holders & a large storage basket. The features like carrying strap, adjustable handlebar, and easy maneuverability make it a convenient baby buggy for every parent.

What Customers Say

All the parents who’ve bought the Graco Verb Stroller, unanimously praise its super lightweight design. So they find it a travel-friendly stroller with excellent features at an affordable price.

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Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Easy Fold Compact Travel Stroller, Slate Grey

 kolcraft cloud plus best lightweight baby stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Baby Stroller is a flagship killer for baby buggies. This lightweight, travel-friendly baby stroller comes with some robust features to let you experience the joy of using baby strollers at an incredible price point. Let’s find out more about this amazing baby stroller here.

Lightweight Design

Kolcraft Could Plus is designed for traveling, and it comes with a lightweight design weighing only 11.8 lbs. It’s great for day trips and even overseas journeys. It’s a Disney Size Approved baby stroller that comes with an assembled size dimensions of 18″ W x 31.25″ D x 34″ H.

Three-Tier Extended Canopy

It features an extended, three-tier canopy providing maximum UV protection. The integrated peek-a-boo window helps you easily keep a watchful eye on what the baby’s up to. You can also tuck it away when not required.

Easy One-Hand Fold

Cloud Plus comes with a convenient one-hand, self-standing fold. It’s a perfect choice for car travel and vacation trips. Its folded dimensions are 18″ W x 12″ D x 34″ H, which is pretty compact for taking on any trip. There’s also the all-terrain wheels along with the front suspension that ensure a smooth ride for your baby.

kolcraft cloud plus baby stroller

More Features

It features a reclining seat (not entirely) offering a five-point safety control system. And it’s able to accommodate children weighing up to 40 lbs and 40” tall.

There’s also a large and easy-to-access storage basket that can hold all the essentials for your baby. It also has a removable child tray with a juice box holder and a couple of cups. Plus, you get a parent tray with dual water bottle holders and even an additional storage area to keep your phone and keys.

Convenient for Parents and Baby

If your toddler has a full neck and head control and can sit up without help, then you’re good to go with this stroller for your baby. It doesn’t accommodate the car seat. Kolcraft backs their product, and you can ask for their help in case of any inconvenience.

What Customers Say

For the price, it has surprised many with its lightweight yet sturdy structure. This baby buggy moves smoothly and comes with some convenient features that have impressed so many parents out there. Some of these features include storage space, convenient operation, trays & cup holders, etc.

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Buyer’s Guide For Best Lightweight Baby Stroller

As we’ve come across a wide range of variety and aspects while choosing the best lightweight baby stroller, it’s more obvious to get confused. So what we have here is the buyer’s guide that’ll help you understand the crucial aspects of buying the best baby stroller. Let’s check them out.

Stroller Frame

As we’re looking for the best lightweight baby stroller, the key has to be going for a lightweight pram. Otherwise, the whole stroller could be a bulky one, something that we don’t want. Therefore, make sure the frame is aluminum made and lightweight. Also, look for one that can be folded compact. This factor is the most important one when it comes to traveling with your baby.

Safety Certification

You’d want to buy a safety certified pram for your baby. So check out if the model you’ve selected is certified or not; to do that you can visit the

JPMA website and search for the specific stroller model and see its certification status. Any model that’s certified would mean that it has stable and perfect brakes, the locking mechanism operates fine, there are no sharp edges present in the buggy, and more.


If you’re up for long walks or move along the bumpy terrain, you can look for the larger, full of air wheels on your stroller. The everyday use and run errands will require smaller wheels. For better maneuverability, you should go for the swiveling front wheels, but for more stability, the lockable wheels would give you a sense of security for your baby.

Removable Cover & Ease of Cleaning

It’d be very convenient for you to have a quick-release, removable cover. And, it’d be even more comfortable if the fabric of the seat is machine washable. So you can easily clean and maintain the stroller.

Important Components & Attachments

There are some essential components of the baby pram that you need to check out before buying one for your child. Brakes are one key component, so always make sure that you are locking both the wheels at a time. The brake should function properly to keep the stroller immobile.

The canopy of the stroller protects your child from the harmful sun rays and the wind. So make sure it bends appropriately, smoothly, and silently. Also, it should have proper ventilation to make it comfortable for your baby.

For the convenience of the parents, the adjustable handlebar should be functioning conveniently. So that pushing the baby buggy is comfortable for parents of any height.

Another critical feature to check out is the reversible seat. It gives the versatility to your child for heading towards any direction he or she wants. They can either face their parent or face toward the world to observe the things going around.

Also, make sure the stroller has a larger storage basket and additional pockets. It’ll allow you to store the essentials such as diapers, beverages, toys, etc. while going for an outing.

Other Factors

Remember to choose the right type of your stroller, in this case; we’ve been looking for the strollers that are lightweight and best for traveling. But there’s nothing wrong if you find more versatile features in a particular type. It’s also important to cut your coat according to your cloth, so be careful about the budget. And most of it all, you need to check out the adjustability, convenience, and comfort factor.


In today’s busy world, it’s obvious to be always on the go. And if you’re a parent, then having the best lightweight baby stroller is essential to make it more convenient to move anywhere with your little love. In this review guide, we’ve mainly focused on the baby buggies that are lightweight and travel-friendly. They also provide excellent performance regarding convenience, comfortability, sturdiness, safety, maneuverability, and versatility. These innovative strollers can save your time, space, and energy for any outing that you’re up to. We’ve talked about a wide variety of lightweight baby carriages and now it’s up to you to choose the one that suits your needs the best.

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