American Tourister Splash Reviews 2020

American Tourister Splash

After Samsonite here comes another heavy-weight luggage manufacturer brand, American Tourister. It comes with their Splash suitcase that is one of the best travel luggage available on the market for a carry on suitcase size. With so many amazing features it can help you dodge the hassle of carrying checked luggage and you will not have to wait frustratedly for your baggage claim. It goes on to become a top-notch carry-on suitcase for some of its seriously good features.

Smooth Rolling

The best experience you can have while carrying your case is the smooth-rolling wheels. There are lots of bad experience when you see that people are complaining about their wheels are getting stuck or broken but in the case of the Splash, we find this American Tourister Splash as the best rolling suitcase which is not reported with any of such incidents. And they are also pretty fast if you have to race for catching your flight.

The Handle Is Designed To Release Your Pressure

The extendable upright handle is just perfect for people of any height whether you are a short person or overly tall one this height feels to be efficient and comfortable as well for you to push or pull the luggage. You can also just carry it as a duffel using the other handle.

In Terms Of Interior – Thumbs Up!

Splash, in terms of the interior, is even more beautiful and also effective for its smart organization. You have plenty of pockets to put all your necessary stuff like clothing, toiletries, and other stuff in a more organized manner by keeping them separate to easily point out.

American Tourister Splash

American Tourister Splash

Colors – Bright and Exciting

With an efficient interior organization, it also comes with great looks for its beautiful and exciting colors. It is available in three different colors such as black, turquoise, and solar rose. So get the want suits your personality.

Be Aware With The Zipper Pulls

Losing the zipper pulls in travel luggage is something very commonly noticed. Being so tightly affixed, these zippers are hard to move without using the pulls. Although, when using for the first time, people tend to use the zippers with pliers to ensure that the pulls are not being lost while traveling.  

Don’t Want A Carry On – No Problem

This American Tourister Splash carry-on is also available in other sizes as well. However, we recommend this as the best carry on suitcase with 21” long and 14” wide as this can easily fit your overhead storage with ease. However, you have the chance of buying the bigger versions as well and you may consider to buy it as a complete set also.

Final Verdict

You want an individual carry-on or want it along with checked bags, this American Tourister Splash is one of the best travel luggage with sturdily built that you can surely go for. And you can also look cooler with some of the craziest colors of suitcases.

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