4 Tips to Relieve Jet Lag for Better Sleep When Travelling 

4 Tips to Relieve Jet Lag for Better Sleep When Travelling

When you are traveling to a different time zone, things can get a little haywire. Since the timings of your destination usually differ greatly, it can get a little hard to adjust to the new sleep schedule you will have there. Your disrupted sleep schedule is not something you can control; it is controlled by your internal clock. The internal clock itself is influenced by the circadian rhythm which is directly affected by the temperature, sunlight, certain hormones and more.

So getting an innate biological function to adjust immediately might require some planning. So if you are thinking of traveling to a country that has a major time difference from where you currently are, here are some tips to help you adjust your sleep schedule accordingly so you can beat jet lag!

Get an evening arrival

A great idea to beat jet lag is to get minimal sleep the day before the flight and on the flight as well. Get short naps of a maximum of 2 hours. Make sure you set an alarm so you wake up on time and don’t oversleep. This way when your flight lands in the evening, you can go to your hotel or loved one’s home where you are staying, and sleep for the night. Make sure you don’t sleep too early but at a reasonable bedtime which is the same as what you followed back home. This way you will wake up in the morning the next day and your sleep cycle will adjust accordingly.

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Start the new sleep cycle early

When you have your trip planned and you know the time difference between the two countries, you can start practicing your new bedtime early. If you are going West, you will be gaining hours hence you can start sleeping earlier than you usually do and if you are going East, then you will be losing time hence sleeping later than usual is a good course of action. This way when you get to your destination, you will already have enough practice regarding your new bedtime!

Change the time on your watch

When you board your plane, you should change the time on your watch to the time it currently will be in your destination country. This way whenever you look at the watch, you will think accordingly to the time you see. This will help you adjust to the time difference a little better and help you do so before you land there.

Avoid stimulants

Your body might be used to a different time zone hence even though it is a late night in the country you are visiting. Your body is geared for morning hence you think of having tea or coffee. This is a bad idea to recover from the jet lag and you should not give in to it since these act as stimulants and keep you from falling asleep at what is night time in the country you are currently in.

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