3 Tips for RV Travel with Children

3 Tips for RV Travel with Children

Traveling in the RV can be a great bonding experience for any family. But when your children have been cooped up for a long time in a vehicle, it can put their mood off. So what to do when you’re on the road for many hours with kids?

These three can make the trip more comfortable for the little one and keep the parents sane during long hours on the road!

Fun for the Road

Keeping the kids occupied and happy while traveling has become easier with portable DVD players and earbuds! If you don’t want the kids to fight and complain, each child can have a mobile device or a tablet computer. A portable gaming system all kids can play with is another good idea.

However, the primary purpose of RV travel is to have family time together. So electronic devices are a good distraction; spend more time with the kids yourself. Traditional game cards, Monopoly, or other board games are still trendy among kids. So is ‘I Spy,’ especially for the younger ones.

Also, you can bring some material about your destination spots. Unlike a boring lecture, this is a fun way for your kids to learn something about national towns or historical places you’re visiting.

Energy breaks

With a bathroom on board, it is not necessary. Unfortunately, this means many long hours on the road without any breaks to break the monotony!

Here’s a solution: use the rest area as an energy break. Get out, run around with your kids, and maybe play a little game. While your kids use up their excess energy and boredom, you can give your muscles a much-needed stretching out after all that driving. Eat something before getting back on the road.

Energy breaks

Camping fun

Spending time on a campground is a great way to break the monotony and have fun with your family. Find a kid-friendly camp with many fun activities your kids will be excited about. Gaming, playground, mini-golf, and pool are suitable activities to get involved in at a center.

If you can find campgrounds alongside lakes or rivers, that is another good idea. Kids love water activities, and you will also enjoy yourself. In addition, you can enjoy great activities with your family in these environments, like fishing and wildlife watching.

You can perform classic camp activities like building a fire, roasting s’mores and marshmallows, and singing campfire songs if allowed.

Sitting cooped up in a vehicle is no one’s idea of fun, and children especially need space to run around and have fun. But with some planning, you can keep your children happy and occupied while traveling in an RV. Set up a daily meal routine, involve the kids, and set a sleeping or napping time and a time for group and quiet activities. Then, take energy breaks in between and stay in some kid-friendly camps and parks.

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