12 Prominent Brands For Best Travel Bags 2022

Best Travel Bag

Nothing is more important than a travel bag when planning a trip. Although you need the right luggage bag that suits your needs, most travel bags come in various styles, making it slightly harder to choose this one. You need to have some kind of idea about the techniques they come in. Choosing the wrong luggage can make your traveling experience more complicated than it is supposed to be. Best Travel Bags

The fact is that most of us like to own a single piece of luggage bag for every trip, but you need to be more responsive toward traveling situations and know how versatile travel bags can be. It becomes a challenge to choose the right travel bag, but even more challenging is to get the right brand, as the brand matters because different brands have their unique strength for meeting your demands. Apart from the brand strength and product benefit, identifying the best travel bags involves individual tastes and styles. But regarding the product benefit and features, you need to make some important considerations while choosing the best travel bag brand, some of which are-

  • Design
  • Warranty
  • Material Quality
  • Zippers (rubberized or waterproof)
  • Wheels and Handles
  • Interior Space Meeting The Specific Requirements of Travelers’ and Airlines’
  • Price

We have made our recommendations for some of the brands whose products are up to date and deserve to be on the list of best luggage in 2022. We have kept the above considerations in mind while coming up with the best brands in the business, but most importantly, we made our list based on value, quality, and design. Travel bags are also available in different budget ranges. Therefore, our inventory includes various price ranges from low to high expenses. However, the most crucial factor of the list is the quality that ensures durability and style that provides sound functionality.

Best Travel Bags

Some Prominent Brands For Best Travel Bags


Samsonite is one of the best travel luggage brands. They began their journey more than 100 years ago with trunk manufacturing. But later, they started to provide all kinds of travel bag solutions, including hard-side and soft-side bags, backpacks, garment bags, and other travel accessories. One of the most effective luggage solutions is their four-wheeled spinners and gliders with a lower center of gravity. In addition, this luggage is within the budget as they sold in the flat to the middle price range. Finally, the value, style, and durability you get with Samsonite’s best travel bag solutions.

American Tourister

American Tourister, owned initially by Samsonite, is another prominent name for travel bags. They offer excellent quality products at a very reasonable price. For this reason, American Tourister could be the best carry-on luggage for regular vacationers who travel frequently enough and do not demand the most durable or luxurious ones. They have their products widely available, which include outside and hard-side luggage. These products come in a variety of colors and also with a great fit and finish. In addition, they have specially designed travel bags for kids featuring characters from their favorite Disney and Marvel Comics.

American Tourister
Image Source: YouTube


Desley started its journey as a manufacturer of leather camera cases in 1946 in Paris. Later they expanded into luggage and travel bag solutions in 1970 with their first Hardcase line. Their specialization still includes hard-side travel bags. Delsey is the first to launch one main compartment similar to the configuration of a soft-side luggage. Their product line also has colorful and stylish soft side bags, duffels, and garment bags. Delsey is also well known for its creative and innovative travel bag solutions. You get excellent quality, durability, and value with Delsey travel bags in the middle price range.

Travel Pro

The Travel Pro is a mediocre-range brand widely used by flight crews. Travel Pro travel bags offer excellent quality and durability along with high value. The need for a piece of wheeled luggage made an airline plot to discover such a superb luggage brand eventually. Their favorite Maxlite series comes with a soft and a hard side that styles in many colors for the four-wheel spinner or two-wheel rollaboard. They have their high-end option with the just-launched Platinum Elite line. It features premium fabrics, leather trim, and a confidence-boosting lifetime warranty.

Travel Pro
Image Source: Delicious Greek

Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek has a casual product line for travel bags with a rugged and outdoorsy intention. They are built to favor severe conditions with features like polyester fabrics, a weather-resistant coating, ¬†puncture-proof lockable zippers, and heavy-duty wheels, making them the perfect choice for rough treatments during long trips. In addition, the company confidently backs it up with its lifetime warranty for ‘No Matter What’ conditions. These are probably one of the best travel bags available in the market, although they cost slightly higher than the mid-range price. Additionally, it includes a key fob with a bottle opener and bag straps.

Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley, founded in 1993, is a well-known brand for backing up its products with a lifetime warranty. They have introduced several innovative travel bag solutions to make packing more comfortable and efficient. The hardware is outside-mounted to provide a larger interior area with a flat packing surface and fewer wrinkles. The brand also comes with the exclusive CX expansion and compression technology that creates more space for packing, returning the bag to its original size once unpacked. These travel bags are slightly higher, although they offer great value for the quality and warranty applicable even for the airline wear-and-tear.


Tumi is a brand with uniqueness and luxury. The brand focuses on fivefold: quality, style, durability, innovation, and excellent customer service. They include complimentary monogramming, lost luggage tracking, onsite repairs, and options such as the ‘add-a-bag’ that make it convenient for carrying additional items. These travel bags are above the mid-range price. Tumi comes with fashionable travel bags and accessories available on the hard side, abrasion-proof ballistic nylon, and fine leather.

American Tourister 1
Image Source: Town & Country Magazine


Victorinox, well-known for making the Swiss Army Knife, also aims to provide similarly versatile and functionally sound travel bags. They come in various styles for the hard side and soft side luggage. The price of Victorinox is slightly above the mediocre range. They have been known for quality and durability since they entered the travel bag market in 1999. That’s why they have become a popular and respected brand now a day.


“Since 1877,” the tagline of Hartmann is a real reminder of its history and pioneers in this field, and also, they have been one of the best travel bag manufacturers over the years. It dates back to the glorious days of fascinating rail-road travel and brass-trimmed steamship trunks. Still, nothing has changed, and today, Hartmann remains the same as being committed to the style and quality enhanced by using the latest technology in their rolling bags or Glider line. Hartmann is a classic and luxurious brand. Even the classiest James Bond seemed to carry their Skymate suitcase in the 1954’s movie ‘Live and Let Die.’ So, you have the 007 defining its class.


Rimowa, established in 1898, is well-known for manufacturing travel equipment with innovative materials, the first of which came on the market in 1937 is the aluminum trunk, which is the first of its kind. The company soon became a leader in using durable and lightweight polycarbonate materials. In addition, Rimowa has unique parallel grooves, making their luggage premium-class, stylish, and practical. Rimowa’s motto and mission is ‘Handmade meets high-tech.’


Bric’s is a famous brand that offers fashion-forward Italian design, high-quality materials, and reliability. It has a luxurious product line includes full-grain leather trim, durable nylon on soft-side luggage, and ultra-light polycarbonate on the thick side pieces. They are expensive, even reflected in their fancy designs and materials. Their decorative and protective leather trim comes with the classic high-end Bellagio collection.

American Tourister 2
Image Source: www.samsonite.ro


This list of the best brands for travel bags will be incomplete without including the classic and luxurious Globe-Trotter brand. Nothing could have endorsed Globe-Trotter better than it had been the choice for people like Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth in the past. The company was established 100 years ago in Germany, which later moved to the U.K. and is still there. The products are handcrafted by skilled artisans for impeccable design, creating a vintage look having corner trim and elegant leather straps as they should be. It came with classic styling and was made with luxurious materials signifying status. So, the price is nothing but to match its high value. If you have no issues with money, this list of best travel bag brands should be toppled to find Globe-Trotter being the first one on the list.


These most sought-after brands provide some of the best travel bag solutions for your happier journey. Alongside men, these can also prove to be handy travel bags for women. We hope this article will help you choose the best travel bag for your trips, such as vacations, business travel, getaways, and everything within. Finally, buy any of these travel bags online for the most competitive price.

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