Shoe Bags (6-Pk) + SEE THROUGH WINDOW | Large | Keeps Dirt Out of Your Luggage

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Shoes are perhaps the most difficult items to pack given their typical weight, bulk, and awkward shape

Do you really want your nice clothing rubbing up against those dirty running shoes? Probably not. These drawstring shoe bags with the added locking clip from Travel Gadgeteer are the solution.

Extra large bags.

These will hold relatively large size shoes and the items you have placed in them securely with the lock clip. The wide opening makes it easy to slide shoes in and out. Shoes of sizes 11.5 (US) and 43 (EU) can be stored as a pair in one bag.


These shoe bags were specifically designed to be economical. Perhaps even economical enough to throw away a badly warn, torn or really dirty shoe bag. For this purpose we have included 6 of them in this pack.

No soiled luggage items

The water repellent nylon will protect your clothing if you are forced to pack damp dirty shoes in your bag.

The see-through window makes it easy to find the shoes you want to wear without having to open each bag.

With the see through window you will not have open each bag to find the pair you are looking for. Great time saver.

Other uses.

Perfect shoe bag for golf, camping, athletic bag, and storage to keep items dust free in your closet.

Travel Tips

Minimize the number of shoes you take, and try to wear (rather than pack) the heaviest pair when reasonable. It is usually best to pack a pair of shoes tightly together, soles out, with the heels at opposite ends. Also, don’t neglect the spaces inside your packed shoes: they’re great for fragile items, or anything else that will fit, for that matter (small, loose items like jewelry are best grouped in small plastic or fabric bags to keep them from rattling and/or wandering off).
LIGHT & ECONOMICAL | 6 Shoe bags | Lightweight – Yet Tough Enough to Keeps Dirt Out of Your Luggage when Traveling (2 Black, 2 Navy Blue, 2 Brown)
EXTRA LARGE | These Bags Accommodate Larger Shoe and/or Items | 13 x 16 in. (33 x 40.5 cm)
WATER REPELLENT | Breathable, yet Water Repellent (Not Water-Proof) Non-Woven Light Fabric Material
SEE-TROUGH WINDOW | Plastic Window Allows Bag Contents to be Identified Easily
DRAW STRING + LOCKING CLIP | These Shoe Bags are Equipped with a Drawstring with Locking Clip so that Your Shoes Stay in the Bag and the Dirt Out of Your Luggage

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